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New Weapon


Registered Member
I could have managed "I think it's something Nepalese, possibly used by Gurkhas" but I would have been lost after that. Thanks to those who provided the name of it and further information, 'cos I was curious too! :p My father has a couple of these arranged cross-swords (cross-daggers?) style in the hallway. I think I got my own weapon-collecting habit from him. :p

Sweet replica, anyway! And that's awesome that it's thirty-plus years old. Can you find out any more about its history? I would love to know if you do.


I would also love to find out more about it Falconer, if I do find stuff I will certainly post about it, but as far as I know the guy who gave it too me doesn't know that much more about it. My Mum thinks I should try and get it cleaned somehow because it's a bit rusty, but I think I like the rust, it gives it character.