New way to cheat eBay out of their fees


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Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed this new trend poping up lately.

It seems that there more and more ebayers are getting around all the high after auction fees by doing this.

They Jack the shipping to the amount to the amount that they want to get for the item plus the shipping cost, and start the auction off at a penny or 99 cents that way they don't have to pay the end of auction fees.

The more I look around the more ebayers are doing this. So do you think it's a good idea? Would you do it?

I hate to say it but yes, I would do it too. The After auction fees are getting out of hand..Hell you have to pay fees to list it and now even higher fees when the auction ends?


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That's been happening for a long time, but it is against eBay policies. To counter it, eBay added a policy allowing them to pull any auction that had "excessive" shipping charges. Unfortunately sometimes they use the policy to pull auctions that have shipping legitimately based on what the post office charges.

Anyway, I'd recommend against doing it unless you want to risk your auctions being pulled by eBay. The fees may be high, but they're planning to lower them somewhat now that the head of the company is leaving.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Then I would have to say that no one is even taking it seriously then. I find loads of auctions doing this more and more each day.

I hope they drop the rates soon..The rates killed my shop. It cost me more to run it than I was bringing in.

I will have to keep an eye out for the rate change. I do hope it comes soon.

I wish they would go back to the 25 cent listing fees too.


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Well, apparently to eBay, "price drop" means a 60+% increase. They've announced the new prices now. The insertion fee is dropping, but the final value fees are skyrocketing.


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No doubt that ebay is smart enough to find a way to get money, I've seen this a lot around Ebay and now I know why it is happening, lol, ebay must hate this.


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It would be smarter for them to drop their listing prices at this point. More listings = more money... even if the fees are cheaper.


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A message from ebay over a year ago said they were really getting tough on that practice.Yeh right ebay.It is still very rife and more are doing it because they can.

Ebay make enough money from us.