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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Roland_Jenkins, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Roland_Jenkins

    Roland_Jenkins Registered Member

  2. trees

    trees Registered Member

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here, there are some really cool folks here! :)
  3. yooperchick

    yooperchick Registered Member

    Hi Roland...welcome to da boards. Looking forward to chatting!
  4. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    Hi Roland...add another welcome to the list!
  5. wolvergambit

    wolvergambit Registered Member

    Hey Roland, Glad to see you made it over here! :)
  6. Julie

    Julie Registered Member

    Hello & welcome! If you go to the upper left above on the different options...go under 'USER CP' & go into 'PROFILE' can add your ebay ID & we can also look at your auctions that way!
  7. Roland_Jenkins

    Roland_Jenkins Registered Member

    Thanks for the tip, Julie and thanks everybody for the friendly welcome.
  8. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

  9. Bunny_roses

    Bunny_roses what? no pink?

    welcome Roland, hope you enjoy it here : )
  10. ecnotek

    ecnotek Registered Member

    Hi, Welcome!
    Great things happen on AS. We hope you will love it too.

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