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New Transformers are out!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Greetings my fellow collectors.

I just came from the store and saw the new Remakes of Transformers G1 and they are not bad. Not bad at all. Nice detailing, but did they sacrifice the toys playability for the details? The jury is still out on that issue.

I am waiting to see it they redo Prime and Megatron as well as the Constructacons and then all the ones like the Aerial Bots, Stuntacons and Soundwave and his tapes. If the first wave is any indication of what is to come, then I want them all in package and out so I can put the new ones right next to the original G1's.

So far I have only seen 4 of the new Remakes of the G1 stuff but I imagine that there will be more coming.

I'll post some pics real soon. But for now you can see them here..Browse all of the toys and games by Hasbro you will have to go through the pages till I get my pics up.

It's nice to see the classic Transformers come back.
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