New to GF.


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Hey everyone. How are you? :) I'm doing good, just trying to set everything up before I post more in the forum. I can't wait, it should be really fun!!!!:lol:


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Who will I get along with? I'm 23 and married. We don't have kids yet, but were looking forward to it. I think this is the best forum I have some across. The other ones just dont have that thing i'm looking for, hard to explain.


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he posts pretty often, he just might get into your heart a little lol.

Welcome here Arctic, hope to see you around lots. Also, I like your text colour. I'm going to use that.


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I'm new here at GF as well, so right there we have something in common.

I've only been here for a few weeks but so far I've seen tons of amazing stuff at these forums, so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself a whole lot.

See you around.