New Tag (Put ya Dukes up)

Put ya Dukes up:

One I made for MJ (I will get it right someday)


Another try at a sports tag (I like this one)

Comments help me get better so please comment!!!!


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I really like the MJ one. It looks pretty awesome. It will look better if the colour was original, not something added over it. The Carter one! Is bloody awesome! I love the smudging around him


Undead Intellectual
I am really liking the first two Omega. The cute, boxing pic or Mikuru from Haruhi Suzumiya. The MJ one is so good because it accents his great armspan well.


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i love the 1st 2 sigs
the colorizing is amazing and where you put the text on both is great
i don't really like the vince carter sig, i feel the text should be black and the border sticks out too much though since you have fadaway effects surrounded by the image
but those 1st 2 are awesome omega, im really impressed


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I just love the first one! It's in purple and it shows spunk, the font isn't too shabby either^_^ I like how it seems so glowy in a way, plus it's simplicity says alot. I think this is one of my most favorite ones yet from you besides the gift ya made me and that blue girl sig.

The second one is good, just tone down the brightness some. The number 23 behind his head is a nice effect and I like how you faded it out some too so it doesn't take away from the main focal. Now the font Kyo does not like....doesn't seem to fit in a way.

The third and final sig....I don't like it at all. Just the first two appeal to me for some reason. Just smudging and not blending is meh to me and it doesn't have that many effects (maybe I jus say this cuz I'm an effect freak)

But awesome jobs on all of them Omega. You seem to me just spitting out sigs lately like it's nothing, I can't even keep up^_^;