New Super Moderator


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Thank you for your confidence in me and allowing me the opportunity to become your new super mod with Merc and Senator. I'll continue to do what I can for FC and will stay in partnership with Kaz to watch over MD as I now will begin to help in other sections more often.


Dr. Fresh

Mmmm.... Lesbians.
I'm glad you're the new Super Moderator. I really think you deserve it and I'm sure you'll do one helluva job. Keep up the great work.


I always knew it, damn he sure became a super member real quick, not saying you others arent super members, just not cool as hoosier, I still love you other dudes too though.. lol


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the big mans club, kidding aside you do deserve it, you do such a great job on these forums, and I am sure you'll keep doing great stuff for these forums in the future. Congratulations.