Nintendo New Super Mario Bros.



Well I guess there's no suprise of the upcoming Mario Bros. game for the DS. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. It pretty much brings back the old side scrolling engine with 3D effect implented into it with also some new power ups added into the game. I have to say that the DS is the best invention Nintendo has come up with IMO.

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I played Super Mario Brothers 3 for like 4 hours the other night, I tried not to use the whistle or any secret glitches.


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The whistles are great, but worlds 4 and 5 are worth playing through. 3 is a pain in the backside though. Super Mario 3 is still my favorite Mario game ever.
I keep trying to find someone to trade that game to me and no one wants to for the GBA. :(

I loved playing that, but I seriously could not resist at least "getting" the Flutes. Using them is a hard temptation to master. All 3 of em'. =/

Ah, the memories of that darned squirrel tail...or Racoon, or whatever.