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New structurelist translated List

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Ugh since my oldtopic is closed here is the cards i found in the new list

001)Divine Protector Exordo
002 )Great Spirit
003)Giant Rat
006 )Guardian Sphinx
007)Stone statue of the Aztec
008)Sentry Golem
011)Moai Reflect Cannon
012 )Megarock Dragon 
013)Guardian Statue
014)Medusa Worm
016 )Fault Zone
017)Mystic Space Typhoon
018)Premature Burial
019)Swords of Revealing Light
020)sword and Shield
021)Magical Mallet
022 )Hammer Shot
024)Brain Control 
025)Shifting Shadows
026 )Waboku
027)compensation of blood 
028)Magic Drain
029)Robbin Goblin
030)Ordeal of a Traveler
031)Reckless Greed
032 )Compulsory Evacuation Device
033)Giant Rat
035)Moai Reflect Cannon
036 ) Shield and Sword Magic 
037)Magic Drain
038)Ordeal of a Traveler 
039)Compulsory Evacuation Device 
040)Giant Rat

SD7-001 Divine Protector
Exordo Earth/Rock/8/0/4000
This card cannot be Normal Summoned. This card can only be Special Summoned by sacrificing a Monster with [Sphinx] in its name. When this card is face-up on the Field, every time an Earth main type Monster is successfully Reversed Summoned, deal 1000 damage to your opponent. Ultra Rare

SD7-002 Great Spirit
Once per turn, this card can be flipped to face-down defense position. When this card is successfully Reversed Summoned, you can switch the original attack and defense strengths of a face-up Earth main type Monster on the field until end of turn.

SD7 - 016 Fault Zone Magic - Field When a Rock sub-type monster is attacked while in defense mode, the battle damage done to the controller of the attacking monster is doubled.

got that from this site http://www.theriversidegym.com/fortressofgaurdiangod.html


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good work, i was having trouble finding this decklist. just add in your post where you got it from.


I did it's at the bottem of my post above my signature look carefully.


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Its an interesting deck from the looks of it, but I'm not a big fan of the flip up to get effect monsters. I like the new cards though. They are supporting an otherwise overlooked theme.


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Well if we take the patterns that UDE and Konai have been making for us I would say it's save to say something bad is going ot happen to our beloved smashing grounds. We'll not ours. Not every one has the chance to get them, but to me and every one else that has, this is not good. Looks like we'll have to use those craps fissure. Thats so lob ;)


Heh...forced to use Fissure...so be it...when it hits in the next HL2 Parallel form I'm so running 2 ov those......
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