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Breaking news!

On August 15, 2008, Warner Bros. will release a new full length Star Wars movie in Theaters, called Star Wars: The Clone Wars! This will continue in the fall with the new television series, also from WB.

Here is the trailer:

And a new documentary:

I've never seen Star Wars in my life, and I dont really care about this movie but I'm sure there's a few people that will.


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Well it's not live action. But this is pretty big news.

I belive by 2010 George Lucas will start working on a new Live action star wars movie.

The man can't stay away from the saga.


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I'm still waiting for 7,8, and 9. That's when I'll be happy.

I'll be checking out the show when it airs too though. It looks promising.
If they would have stuck with the animation from the Clone Wars cartoon I would be happy. This CGI, however, looks like ass as far as I'm concerned. It makes my soul hurt a bit.


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that name has kind of a ring to it Star wars clone wars.

they use the word war 2 times in that name that's why.

Maybe they'll keep all of the same actors for the voices, if they don't it's an automatic fail for sure.