New sig I made ( any good?)

I like it kinda lol I was going to put a Gif in it but I don't have time lol.


Also does anyone want the Vince Carter sig I have now I am going to fix his head later lol and touch it up a little?

If anyone wants this sig speak now, if not I am going to trash it



nice..i like ur new sig. i like the back ground and the colour.
i would give it a 8.7/10.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Not to bad man, but the background needs work, and also you need to get HQ Vince Carter pictures to make your sig better, but keep working and you'll get better my friend.
Not too bad, it's an interesting effect, but I'm not sure it goes so well with the stock... and Papyrus is still a terrible font.

Why would you trash your sigs? They hardly take up any harddrive space...
By trash I ment I will not use it anymore.

Why do you hate papyrus so much?

Is there a site where I can download new fonts?


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Ur not gonna use it anymore....Omega I don't know what to say about that but that makes me quite disappointed in u ;_;*shakes head*

But ur new Link sig looks prtetty good. It feels though as if it's missing something like another pic or more lettering*shrugs* Like the bg though and how it blends with link. But what does "The End" mean anyway? I give ur sig an...7.5/10 though, it has good quality I must say^^;
Damn Kyo I almost did not relize who you were I leave for a weekend and evething changes. I feel like Vince only no power lol. I rushed the Link Sig wait for my yoshi sig it will be tight. Thanks SenatorB for the link and reason. Damn I missed you all lol.