New Server: Bug Report Thread


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As you may or may not know, we recently moved servers. If you notice anything not working that WAS working before, please report it in this thread.

Known bugs/problems at the moment are:

1. Some images around GF aren't showing up properly.
2. Chat is down.
3. Poker doesn't work.
4. Stats page doesn't work.

That's all I know of at the moment. Feel free to add to this list if you think you found a bug. Please specify if it's something that was working before as well, so I know what bugs are related to the new server.


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Last night I got a lot of white pages again and the system was really slow. It was the same type of errors I got when we started complaining about the old server, except that those issues went away for me after some time and now they are back again.

I am at work now and I don't seem to be experiencing those issues now from here, but I did from home last night and will check this again when I get home tonight.

I also have all the errors you mentioned.

Thanks Brix!!


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when looking at blogs the recent visitors thingy on the left hand side stretches across the entire page instead of conforming to society and staying inside the box.


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Glad to see this thread. I couldn't get chat to load and I was about to report it plus I noticed our avatars are messed up. Thanks for the new server. :)


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The bars for the polls aren't working well either. Other than that I can't think of anything that hasn't been mentioned yet.

I haven't experienced any slowness or errors like we used to on the old server.


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It's loading slowly for me. I'm not sure if it's my connection or the server.


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I found another bug, two out of three times when I clicked the Sports section, it brought me to this weird section, I don't even recongnize it at all. It had one thread, but it was moved.

It's really weird.
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i have the avatars not showing etc,,, but also well it dont seem any faster at all , mind i have been ahving some problems in the last couple of days and dont know if its to do with me or servers or what:confused: Im using google chrome, but i tried with firefox for here and theres no difference. :shifteyes:


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It's wierd, all the images are showing up properly for me. Naturally chat, poker and the stats page aren't working. Also, in the postbit, under your avatar, those bars aren't showing up either in addition to the poll bars. Other than that, the site's working fine for me.


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A few of the problems I've been experiencing:

- It actually seems a bit slower than before. On the old server, I would hit random periods of extreme slowness or failure to load anything at all, and occasional "database errors" - whereas now, it's loading at a consistently slow rate.

- Animated avatars still aren't showing at all for me.

- The rep and activity bars aren't showing either.

- For some strange reason, when I cleared my browsing history and then tried getting onto GF, instead of jumping to the login page like normal it showed a video of Smelnick's bike ride. :lol: But it said it was still under maintenance. :dunno: When I tried again it went straight to the forums page.

- Obviously chat doesn't work for me yet, as expected, likewise for the stats page. I haven't tried Poker yet.

- Also, when I went to post this, it went to a blank page and didn't load anything at all. :headscratch:
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