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Greeting Judges,

We've been hard at work with Konami (and by work, I mean beating them over the head) to bring you this - the newest batch of ruling updates.
Some of them are answers to previously unanswered questions.
Some are clarifications on previously vague subjects (see "Spirit Reaper" and Spell Counters).
Two cards have ruling reversals - "Apprentice Magician" and "D.D. Survivor".

These rulings are also available on our official website FAQ.

Look foward to more ruling updates in the coming weeks.

Dan Scheidegger
Jr. Game Designer
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG R&D
Upper Deck Entertainment

Destiny Hero – Doom Lord
You can select a face-up or face-down monster to remove from play. A face-down monster removed with this effect will remain face-down while removed from play. So if a face-down “D.D. Scout Plane†is removed from play, its effect will not activate.

Different Dimension Gate
If a face-down monster is selected for this effect, it will remain face-down while removed from play. So if a face-down “D.D. Scout Plane†is removed from play with this card, its effect will not activate.

Destiny Hero – Captain Tenacious
This effect does not activate when your “Destiny Hero†monster is destroyed. This effect activates during your Standby Phase, so “Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious†must be face-up on your side of the field at that time to Special Summon the “Destiny Hero†monster.

This effect is a Trigger Effect that can be chained to.

If “Skill Drain†is active during the Standby Phase when this effect resolves, this effect will be negated, even if “Skill Drain†was activated after your “Destiny Hero†monster was destroyed.

Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster
If you have any face-down “Destiny Hero†monsters, they will be destroyed, because their names cannot be confirmed.

Super Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon
If you Tribute Summon this card by Tributing a “Batteryman†monster, this card’s Trigger Effect can be chained to. After the Trigger Effect resolves, “Voltech Dragon†then has the appropriate effect applied to it. So if you Tributed “Batteryman Dâ€, the opponent may activate “Trap Hole†as a chain to the effect of “Voltech Dragon†and destroy “Voltech Dragon†before it can negate the effects of Spell & Trap Cards that target it. (In other words, by chaining to the effect that would give “Voltech Dragon†immunity, you can destroy it before it becomes immune.)

You can activate “Divine Wrath†when this card is Tribute Summoned if a “Batteryman†monster was Tributed.

Celestial Transformation
If you Special Summon “The Agent of Force – Marsâ€, its ATK will still be halved and it will be destroyed during the End Phase. It is affected because it was not yet on the field when “Celestial Transformation†resolved.

Grand Convergence
“Barrel Behind the Door†can be chained to this card.

Cyber Phoenix
While you have “Cyber Phoenix†on the field in Attack Position, a Machine-Type monster on your side of the field equipped with “Premature Burial†will not be destroyed if “Premature Burial†is destroyed.

While you have “Cyber Phoenix†on the field in Attack Position, “Heavy Mech Support Platform†can be equipped to a Machine-Type monster on your side of the field but all of its effects are negated. It will not increase ATK, or be destroyed in place of the equipped monster, and it cannot be unequipped & Special Summoned by its own effect. (The Machine-Type monster can still only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time, because that is a condition, not an effect).

Majestic Mech – Goryu / Majestic Mech - Ohka
If you activate “Cost Down†and Normal Summon “Majestic Mech – Ohka†without Tributes (because it is Level 4) or “Majestic Mech – Goryu†with 1 Tribute (because it is Level 6), their effects will still activate during the End Phase and they will be sent to the Graveyard.

If you Tribute “Kaiser Sea Horse†to Normal Summon “Majestic Mech – Goryu†it is still only 1 monster being Tributed so its effect will activate during the End Phase and it will be sent to the Graveyard.

Whirlwind Weasel
After “Whirlwind Weasel’s†Flip Effect has resolved, the effects of already face-up Spell and Trap Cards, like “Ultimate Offeringâ€, can still be activated. The effects of Spell and Trap Cards that activate when the card is destroyed, such as “Blast with Chain†or “Ojamagic†will also still be activated. (In other words, you cannot activate a card, but you can activate an effect.)

Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman
You can choose to Special Summon the monster that you destroyed.

If an effect is chained that destroys the selected monster, removes it from the field, or flips it face-down, then no damage is inflicted.

Destruction of Destiny
If “Macro Cosmos†is on the field the 3 cards will be removed from play, but you will still take damage for any Spell or Trap Cards.

Elemental Absorber
The effect will continue even if the removed Monster Card doesn’t stay removed from play. For example, if the removed monster is “D.D. Scout Plane†it will be Special Summoned during the End Phase, and your opponent’s DARK monsters will still not be able to attack.

Forced Back
You can activate “Forced Back†when you Normal or Flip Summon your own monster. You should announce this immediately after your Summon. Once you allow your opponent to activate “Torrential Tribute†you are acknowledging that the Summon was successful and you cannot activate “Forced Backâ€.

R – Righteous Justice
There must be enough Spell & Trap Cards on the field in order to activate “R – Righteous Justiceâ€. If there are fewer Spell & Trap Cards than the number of your “Elemental Heroes†then you cannot activate it.

If an effect is chained that reduces the number of Spell & Trap Cards on the field so that you have more “Elemental Heroes†than cards to destroy, the entire effect disappears.

You cannot pick “R – Righteous Justice†as 1 of the Spell & Trap Cards to destroy for its own effect.

Macro Cosmos
You can activate “Polymerization†while “Macro Cosmos†is active on the field because sending Fusion Material Monsters to the Graveyard is an effect of “Polymerization†and not a cost.

D. D. Survivor
If your “D. D. Survivor†is on your opponent’s side of the field when it is removed from play its effect will not be activated. This is because it is in your Removed Zone, but was not on “your side of the field†when it was removed from play.

If “Macro Cosmos†is active on the field and a face-down “D. D. Survivor†on your side of the field is destroyed by battle, its effect will not activate. “D. D. Survivor†needs to be face-up when it is selected as an attack target in order for its effect to activate. (Similar to “Poison Draw Frogâ€.)

Pyro Clock of Destiny
You can use "Pyro Clock of Destiny" to advance the turn count by 1 for these cards: “Deck Devastation Virusâ€, "Swords of Revealing Light", "Lightforce Sword", or "Final Countdown".

Chain Disappearance
If you chain “Book of Moonâ€, the monster will be face-down, so no cards are removed from play for the effect of “Chain Disappearanceâ€.

Asura Priest

If “Asura Priest†attacks a monster and your opponent activates “Magic Cylinder†to negate the attack, “Asura Priest†can attack that same monster again.

If your opponent has “Patrician of Darkness†on the field they can choose the same monster as the attack target of “Asura Priest†each time you declare an attack with it. (For example, re-direct all of your “Asura Priest†attacks at “Spirit Reaper†instead.)

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
If "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" is Summoned (except by its effect), and the Summon is negated by "Horn of Heaven", it is Special Summoned during your next Standby Phase because it was destroyed by a card effect. When it is Special Summoned by its own effect, “Horn of Heaven†or “Solemn Judgment†cannot be activated, because it is being Summoned by its own Trigger Effect, not by a built-in “this is how you Summon this monster†effect.

Vampire Lord
If you Summon "Vampire Lord" (except by its effect) and he is destroyed by your opponent's "Horn of Heaven" or "Solemn Judgment", "Vampire Lord" will be Special Summoned in your next Standby Phase. When it is Special Summoned by its own effect “Horn of Heaven†or “Solemn Judgment†cannot be activated, because it is being Summoned by its own Trigger Effect, not by a built-in “this is how you Summon this monster†effect.

Spirit Reaper
You cannot activate “Snatch Steal†or “Change of Heart†and target “Spirit Reaper†if you do not have an empty Monster Card Zone. (Even though the “Spirit Reaper†would be destroyed before switching sides).

If “Spirit Reaper†is targeted by an Equip Spell Card, and an effect like “Dust Tornado†is chained to destroy the Equip Spell Card before it resolves, “Spirit Reaper†is still destroyed because the activation of the Equip Spell Card was not negated, even though the effect of the Equip Spell Card is not applied. (If “Magic Jammer†or “Riryoku Field†was used instead, then “Spirit Reaper†would not be destroyed because both of those Trap Cards would negate the Equip Spell Card’s activation.)

Soul Exchange
“Soul Exchange†targets. Select the target at activation.

“Soul Exchange†allows you to Tribute the targeted monster as though it was yours for the rest of the turn. After resolving “Soul Exchange†the next action you make that requires a Tribute must use the targeted monster.

You can Tribute the targeted monster for any card that requires a Tribute, or for a Tribute Summon. So you could Tribute it for the effect of “Cannon Soldierâ€, a Ritual Summon, or for the cost of “Monster Gateâ€.

“Soul Exchange†does NOT give you control of your opponent’s monster, so you can use “Soul Exchange†combined with your “Cannon Soldier’s†effect even if you already have 5 monsters in your Monster Card Zone.

You can activate 2 “Soul Exchanges†and target 2 different monsters. You could Tribute them both for the Tribute Summon of a Level 7 or higher monster.

You cannot activate “Soul Exchange†during your Main Phase 2 because you must skip your Battle Phase.

You can target a face-down monster, but you cannot Tribute it for a Ritual Summon or for “Metamorphosis†because you do not know its Level.

You cannot use “Soul Exchange†for “Polymerization†because “Polymerization†does not use Tribute.

Apprentice Magician
“Apprentice Magician’s†effect activates at the same time as when monsters are sent to the Graveyard. But it does not have to be sent to the Graveyard; you get to Special Summon a new monster when "Apprentice Magician" is destroyed as a result of battle, even if "Banisher of the Light" is in play.

If you take control of your opponent's "Apprentice Magician", and it is destroyed as a result of battle, then your opponent (the original owner) will get to Special Summon. Because “Apprentice Magician†is no longer on your side of the field, it is now in the opponent’s Graveyard (or removed from play area).

Dark World Monsters
If these cards are discarded from your hand by a card effect while "Macro Cosmos" is on the field, their effects will not activate because they were not discarded to the Graveyard.

Clarification about Spell Counters
(Skilled Dark Magician, Skilled White Magician, Tower of Babel, Magical Marionette, Blast Magician, Royal Magical Library, Legendary Flame Lord, & Mythical Beast Cerberus)
You place a Spell Counter on this card when the Spell Card resolves, so if "Magic Jammer" is used to negate the Spell Card's activation then you do not place a Spell Counter on this monster. But if "Imperial Order" is chained to the Spell Card, you still place a Spell Counter on this monster because the activation of the Spell Card was not negated. If the Spell Card was a Continuous, Equip, or Field Spell Card, and “Dust Tornado†is chained to its activation and destroys it before it resolves you still place a Spell Counter because the activation of the card was not negated.


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There was to much to read, but they cahnged the ruling on Recalls. I'll give an example.

If i atk with reaper and you use Call Of The Haunted to bring back Jinzo or a stronger monster if I chose not to atk him I can't use reaper to atk.............oh lets say a goat. Once you atk thats it, and if you don't use it it's a done dill.