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New Ruby Member ^_^


Registered Member
heey everyone ^^
whats up?

so i dont really know i introduce myself >.<

uumm.. my name is Ruby i live in Kuwait 17 years old ... okay thats a start >.<
i love to watch animes specially yaoi :$ and ofc other geners like romance,comdey,action
i love ice cream! chocholate flavor is the best! also im K-pop fan *thums up for SHINee* Super Junior,4 Minute, G-Dragon.
my fav J-Drama us One Liter Of Tears <3
oh and i love to meet new people and be friends with them! ^^

I REALLY hate something called skool " hell " homeworks,exams,teachers hate them all -.-

... and yeah i guess thats it :p
cya around all <3



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Hey Ruby,

Welcome aboard. Glad you decided to join us and hopefully you'll help make the anime section a bit more interesting.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are here to help in any way possible.

See you around.
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Hey Ruby, welcome to GF! Good to see another anime fan. I know heaps of people who like yaoi, but I've always been more of a yuri fan myself :p


Free Spirit
Staff member
Hi Ruby, welcome to GF. It's always fun to meet new people and I'm sure you will meet many on here. I know what you mean about school but unfortunately its a necessary evil.


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Welcome, Ruby! It's always great to have more anime fans here on GF. I hope you enjoy your stay!

By the way, here is your free red panda. Consider it a hint for the poll to come. Dekzper shall be conducting the poll.



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Welcome to the forum! :D SuJu and Big Bang are really cool. I'm all over metal and alternative rock but I do listen to K-pop sometimes. :nod: Btw, I totally agree, school sucks hardcore.

Oh, the poll. Which do you like most, penguinz, bats, or red pandas? It's really not very important but it could save the planet from total destruction by invading carnivorous butterflies. :D


Registered Member
Oh wow, you're in Kuwait too? I'm in the Army, and deployed here. Of course, I've barely been off the base, so I don't really know what the country is like :lol:

Hope you enjoy it on GF!