New ROH Champion


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A-Double Austin Aries is the new ROH World Champion, winning it in a triple threat match against Jerry Lynn and Tyler Black. This makes him the first two time champion in the belt's history.

I'm delighted to see him win it. He's the best thing in ROH at the moment, and probably my favourite wrestler around at the moment. His heel persona is absolutely fantastic. He came out to Ric Flair's music and was mimmicking him a lot throughout the match (Flair who surprisingly was there to promote ROH, even though i thought he'd completely jumped ship to WWE. He wasn't the special enforcer in the main event though as was originally on the card)

Shame the title didn't change hands on HDNet, but i guess house shows are still the backbone of ROH until the HDNet episodes pick up in popularity.


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I remember seeing Austin Aries while he was in TNA but that's about all I've seen of him. I remember being very impressed with his in ring skills. I'm surprised TNA doesn't use him anymore...same with Roderick Strong.


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I thought they should've saved a title change for HDnet considering they want the ratings, if people heard that a title changed hands then most would be more inclined to watch the tv show to see what else happens.


I am the woolrus
At Supercard of Honor IV, back in April. Yeah what was it like... A year and a half? I think they might have had him drop it cus of injury, i think he had a torn bicep or something at the time. Hopefully he'll be back in action soon!