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New Record!


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This guy holds the record for greatest distance thrown in a car accident. He was helping people at a car accident when some guy was doing 70 and hit him throwing him 118 feet. The good thing is that he actually survived and lived to tell about it. I'm sure no one has any plans to break this record any time soon. Does it count if your on a hill and a car came by, hits you and you roll down the hill? :D

Man Holds Record For Being Thrown By Car - News Story - WNEM Saginaw


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2002? ,Man that news is OLD!

But would throwing the man out of the car in 550 feet in the air in Flatout(V.Game) count?


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lol WOW.

Yeah, I doubt anyone will try to break that record.


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Wow, that would just be kinda weird. there you are in ER, and the doctor come to you and says "congratulations! You broke the record!" "For what?" "Greatest distance thrown by car. Now sign this paperwork please." wtf


That's the sort of record nobody really wants to contest, be pretty weird if there was active competition in it... impressive that he lived though! Hell of a story to tell, once he recovers.


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Thats one record that i never want to break thats for sure


Likes snow
Does the record stipulate you survive? If so, I so want to get that record if I get hit by a car


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Wow, that record would suck so much to have... but then again the bragging rights would be amazing.

Guy #1: "Hey, man, I hold an awesome world record!"
Guy #2: "Yeah, what's that?"
Guy #1: "I was thrown 118 feet by a car when I was helping people at a car accident."
Guy #2: "Wow, karma must really fucking hate you, man, did you rape a kitten or something?"


Guy #2: "Wow, karma must really fucking hate you, man, did you rape a kitten or something?"
I wonder if there's a record for "most kittens raped" or something. This record is painful but awesome, that record would be pleasurable but not something you'd ever want anyone to know about.


A Darker Knight
no video? darn. I was expecting a Youtube vid with half the people commenting "lol"