New reading material needed


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So, I'm leaving in alittle over two weeks to Africa and well, that's not going to be the shortest of trips. It's going to take me two days to get there!
So, I was wondering if anyone had any good book ideas for me to bring along?
I go through different types of books all the time; recently I've read the Kite Runner, Water for Elephants, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, the Time Travellor's Wife and October(by Richard B. Wright, a Canadian author)
I'd love to get my hands on the Motorcycle Diaries, but it's proving difficult to find.
Does anyone have any ideas for titles that I might enjoy? Of even just an author and I'll go hunting for something by them.



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Author of My Sister's Keeper, yeah?
I've been meaning to read that for ages...I've heard good things about Picoult, I'll check her out.
Thanks. :)


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Well, I can only suggest what I know, which is pretty much all fantasy fiction. :lol: Can't go wrong with some Terry Pratchett, for the brighter side of fantasy, or Terry Brooks for the more serious side. I love them both equally, though.

Another decent author, the omnipresent Stephen King...:-o Maybe Blaze and Cell, my two favourite King books. :dunno:

And then there's James Patterson for mystery/thriller. I love the Alex Cross books. I have a bunch on standby, waiting. :nod:


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You should try out the book version of I Am Legend. It was written before the movie and I think it's better.

You should also look up 7 Steps To Midnight. It's a suspense/mystery, very entertaining.


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Hah, so I took your suggestions and wrote them all down but forgot the paper at home, so I ended up getting two Steve Berry books instead.

Someone else did just mention 7 Steps to Midnight to me though, so I'll probably look for that one at some point.