New Prime Number Discovered

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by Mirage, Sep 28, 2008.

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  2. Tainted_Glory

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    How exactly do you discover a number? Is it "Oh, I didn't know I could count that high" or what?
  3. Mirage

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    It's a PRIME number, not just a number. It's pretty interesting if you are into mathematics at all.

    Some more info on prime numbers:

    Prime number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There are infinite prime numbers. This newest find is simply the largest discovered so far.
  4. dDave

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    Crazy, $100,000 for discovering something so useless?

    I mean yeah it's interesting I suppose.

    only 46? really? I mean wow.

    Prime Numbers Chart


    You'd think that by now somebody would have written a program that calculated prime numbers.
  5. ysabel

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    I wonder if the 47th would still be in million digit range. I'm also surprised that the prime number search was harder (I thought maybe it can easily be programmed like find a number > 43,112,609 and somehow reject if quotient was not a whole number :blah: ). Apparently, it's not that easy. :lol:
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  6. Mirage

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    They DID do that. That's how these people figured out this latest one. You have to imagine a 13 million digit number takes some serious computer power to calculate though. That's about 12 and a half megabytes worth of numbers for each calculation. Do that 13 million times and you'll have yourself a very time consuming hobby. ;)
  7. agphoenix

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    I'm sorry Hoybrix, I just have to...

    SCIENTIST: 'One of the most important uses we have found for this number, is its mentioning on a great forum on-line...GF! It is in fact, the perfect present for GF's tenth. Ooh, tenth reminds me...'

    Multiples of prime numbers with prime decimal points have actually been found to measure distances between 2 points in space to a more definitive accuracy. This was a group project at the Uni. of Washington when I was in WA about 10 years ago. And by found I mean getting positive results in the experiments for the majority of the number of tests.

    Time will tell about this one. Good find though Hybrix.

    *edit* My bad, it's Google that's turning 10, but we can still laugh about it right? :shifteyes:
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  8. ChromaticMike

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    I could just imagine that.
    "Welcome to <insert gameshow name here>! Here's question one: What is the 13 million digit prime number?"
    50 minutes later.
    "Whoa, and that's the end of the show! Sorry, you win nothing today."
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  9. General-G

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    How the hell can you discover a new prime number,arent the unlimited you just have to count?
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  10. Altanzitarron

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    :lol: I don't think I've ever cared less about a discovery but it's nice to know prime numbers keep popping up.

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