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Question New or Second-Hand books?


Do you prefer second-hands books or new ones? For me I honestly can't decide. I love getting brand-new books, all fresh and new, never been read before from a store, but I also love the character of second hand books. I always wonder, how many people have read these books, where have they been? In my own collection I have more new books than second-hand ones, but only just. It's almost half/half I think.

However, as far actual stores go I LOVE secondhand book stores. They have so much more character and charm to me than big stores like Borders etc. Now don't get me wrong, I still love browsing through those newer style book stores, but I just love old secondhand ones.

I've been to heaps of second hand book stores, and I love taking photos on my phone. Here's a couple of photos from some of my favourite second-hand stores.



It doesn't matter to me, I usually just buy whatever is cheaper. I mean, I make sure to get good quality used books but yeah, I'm fine either way.


Sally Twit
I prefer new books, but when I buy them for myself I always shop second hand to save money. I get new books at Christmas all the time and they've stayed in pretty decent condition.


Registered Member
I'll only get a book second hand if it's something that's out of print and pretty much unavailable through any other means. Even then, it's going to have to be in at least average condition before I'll buy it. Nothing's sadder than a book that was clearly never treated well by its previous owners.


Creeping On You
Doesn't really matter to me, I don't mind second hand books. Sometimes you find little notes and stuff that the previous owners have written. It's always neat seeing stuff like that.


rainbow 11!
I don't mind either way, there is this HUGE used book store downtown that is amazing. I love it so much, it's called Chamblin's. I've actually sold books there once. They gave me about 80 bucks for 50ish of my books. Totally worth it.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I'll buy either on the basis of which is immediately available to me. I'll also buy second hand books if they're part of a series. Buying the first in the series for, say, £1 (thank you, charity shops) rather than £8 means that I haven't lost a lot if I didn't like it. But if I do like it, I'm more likely to try and get the others, often new.


Son of Liberty
I love used books, if they're in good condition. Every time I'm in San Antonio or Houston I always stop at Half-Priced Books and stock up on used books.


Son of Liberty
I pretty much always end up with New books. However thats because I dont know where in town i'd have to go to get some discount used books.

In the past I've ordered used books off of Amazon, but they werent necessarily for me. In the long run I dont really care one way or the other as long as they're not beat to high hell. I am a little OCD about how creased and destroyed the spin is on books.


Registered Member
I don't mind purchasing a second hand book, in fact I have a few that my husband bought me for x-mass that I picked out. I find that buying a second hand book especially when I go online I can get them for 1 cent and then I just have to pay like 3.99 for shipping. Its great because I can get about 8 to 12 books at a time and only have to pay something like $50. I love to read and so it saves me a lot of money in the end :)