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Nintendo New Nintendo Power


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has anyone recieved or seen the new Nintendo power done by Future US, Inc.

I havent recieved mine yet, and my subcription doesnt run out till april... I want to see a few issues before I renew again.

Will people actually respect the mag now thats its done by a 3rd party? or will it still be a biased mag?


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Do you know what happened that led to this? I haven't heard anything about this. I guess if it's still considered the "official" Nintendo magazine then it will probably be just as good. Nintendo is just choosing to spend their time working on new games, new development, etc? That's the way I see it at least.


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Nintendo is restructering there whole world ( in the US )

They are opening op offices in Cali and N.Y.

3 of the top dogs in the office resigned rather than move: Perrin Kaplan, Beth Llewellyn and senior vice president of marketing George Harrison chose to leave than relocate
just recieved my new issue (finally)

looks the same mostly, some new people on board, but damn I hate the fact that they went to printing your name on the actual cover rather than the peel off paper labels Nintendo used

came with a note from the new editor in chief. nice touch, looks like they are also giving out harsher scores, and can be more critical of the games... Im just glad its not a completly new staff
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Wow, I never thought I would hear of Nintendo Power becoming third party. I used to get that mag all the time back in the day. I haven't touched it since the N64, but I'm glad to hear it is still around. Kind of strange to think of it as being something other than Nintendo's vehicle, though.