New NCAAF rules


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NCAA bans eye black with messages, wedge blocks on kickoffs, toughens taunting penalty for 2011 - ESPN

No more eye black messages, like Reggie Bush's area code thing. I don't mind this rule. Keeps players from drawing attention to themselves.

No more wedge blocking on kickoffs, same rule the NFL added last year. I guess if it's safer, then it's a good thing.

The biggest change, and one that is sure to be controversial, is that now unsportsmanlike and taunting penalties as a player is going in for a score will negate the touchdown. It'll be 15 yards from the spot of the foul. I actually like this a lot. A lot of times the players just don't care about 15 yards being enforced on a kickoff, as long as they get their touchdown.


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I like the second one. First one, I really couldn't care less, it's not like I read the damn eye black. But as you say, it keeps players from drawing attention to themselves, which isn't my favorite thing to see in college sports.

I think the last one is pretty stupid. Let them celebrate, I really don't care most of the time. If it crosses the line, sure, I am fine with it. But taking a TD back because an excited college kid scores a big TD in a huge game? That's ridiculous. I am not sure of the game, but I think it was Florida-Georgia this year where the refs made two, questionable excessive celebration calls in the last minutes that helped decided the game (or almost did). Now you are going to take back the points for the same behavior? I really don't like that. Let the players decide the game on the field. 15 yards is enough.