New Music and Myspace

I've noticed that myspace has opened the door for musicians of all types to get their names out there. I think it's a really neat concept and have already found several new bands/artists that I love. I probably would have never even heard of them otherwise. Has anyone else expanded their musical tastes through myspace?


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I think it's great, but it's only a matter of time before the RIAA steps in and says they want royalties per-play on everything.


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Well don't give myspace all the credit. pioneered the concept long before MySpace even existed. :)

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I do like the idea a lot though and I think MySpace helps musicians get heard mostly because of how anybody can add music from musicians to their profile. It lets you hear songs you wouldn't normally have found.
The RIAA can't do anything about bands who have no label or are on indie labels who chose to promote their music through MySpace. I love it! I've found a few great bands that way...for example, a band called "The Voyces."


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It's funny because Weird Al made a few songs that were supposed to be on his new CD but his label refused to put them on. Since the songs weren't going to be for sale he decided to screw his label and put them on his website for free download. :)

I find that hilarious. The songs are quite funny too. One is called "You're Pitiful" (spoof of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful") and the other is "Don't download this song." Go figure. :)


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I like learning about new bands on myspace and finding out what is going on with others I listen to.