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Movies New Movie Review Club - Interest Thread


I really liked it back when GF had a movie review club. I think it had a few issues and just sort of sizzled out in the end but it was a lot of fun while it was on. I've been thinking it could be cool to start another one.

I think the word "review" scares some people off. It's really just more a casual chat about your thoughts of a particular film. People shouldn't be expected to write some huge thing, I think we should make it that even a couple of lines is okay so more people want to do it.

I'm thinking it could go like this:

All names put into random order.
In that order, one person picks one film per month.
Everyone has one month to watch and review that users film choice.
Move onto the next person and repeat.

I think a month is a good time as many of us are busy and it gives you plenty of time to get it watched. Also to find the film or download it if you don't already have it.

Anyone interested?
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It's not me, it's you.
You are right, the word review makes me turn tail and run. I can watch a movie and say whether I liked it or not, but as far as critiquing and having this long ass paragraph on it, not going to happen. I would be able to point out things that I like or didn't like, and an overall rating for the film.

I would do this if the film that is picked is on Netflix.


Yeah that's exactly what I want. If we can get this going again I want it to be really casual, so we can just chat about films.