NEW MEMBERS READ: The GF Rep System Rules

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[highlight]The reputation system is only available to members who have made at least 500 posts. [/highlight]

You MUST read and agree to the following before being allowed to participate in the rep system. Participation is optional, and therefore can be revoked at any time if you fail to comply with the basic regulations spelled out below.

The Reputation System Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy

By turning rep on you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the following disclaimer about rep at GF:

  1. You agree not to use rep as a way to flame other members.
  2. Negative rep should only be used to express your disapproval of a particular post. "Disliking" somebody in general is not a fair reason to continuously give them negative rep. (If both users are in a rep battle group then this is treated differently. See Group Wars.)
  3. You may be negged by people who don't like your posts. You agree to take this with a grain of salt and not get too worked up about it.
  4. You may not get any rep at all. This doesn't necessarily reflect on you as a member. Your posts just might not be standing out to people.
  5. You may get sarcastic or confusing rep, or seemingly unfair or biased rep. Rep type is not policed here at GF. If somebody flames you then that's one thing but people are allowed to give positive or negative rep for any reason.
  6. If you have a problem with the rep system and decided you are not comfortable giving and receiving rep then you can turn it back off at any time.
  7. You agree not to complain about rep in the public forums. If somebody flames you then you should report it to a mod or admin. Other than that, if you have an ongoing problem with rep you should simply disable it and be done worrying about it.
  8. You agree to turn rep off if it starts to hinder your enjoyment of GF.
  9. The GF staff reserves the right to switch off your rep at any time either because of your misuse or your inability to switch it off yourself when clearly it's the best option for your sanity.

To enable/disable your participation in the rep system, go to your options page and look for the rep option in the first section.
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