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hey guys. im new here.
my names mike im from illinois, USA. im 14
i play guitar and alot of instruments.
my fav music genres are rock screamo metal scene emo.. epicness haha.
i like animes, manga (request me a couple of them)
i like :
bleach, vampire knight, deathnote, naruto. and more i cant remember.
so if u share the same interests, then friend request meh :D


I'm serious
Hi Mike. Welcome to GF. I like punk/rock screamo metal scene emo too, but please don't tell anyone. I am in hiding.
Don't feel insulted if you don't get tons of friend requests though - there are members here that have been my friends since I joined yet we only became "friends" a few weeks ago. It's not a popularity contest! Unless you are Babe_Ruth!! ;) Equally, there are "friends" that I can't get rid of, like Bliss.

Good times ahead! Enjoy your rime with us!
Hi mike! Welcome to GF. I'm not an anime fan myself but lots on the forum are :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask here.


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Hi Mike!
Welcome to GF! Glad to have you here!
Enjoy your time with us & have fun! :)
Tell us more about yourself,Mike.
Do you like reading or writing?