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ive waited forever to be with this one girl and doing that i did not know the beauties that surrounded me and now ive found someone else to be with but she doesnt seem to want to be more than friends with me and i want that to change but i dont know how can someone help me out please.
love is a very cruel thing to mess with
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im so close to being 20 and i wouldnt pretend to know what love is.

Trust me man, just enjoy being a kid. Im not saying dont date, just dont get too hung up on it.
I'm going to echo what a lot of other people have said. Don't focus in too much on one person, even if you in love with this girl, obsessing over her is not going to make you happy. Probably even if you do manage to date her, you'll have built her up too much in your mind.

At 15 I was very VERY wrong about some things emotionally, it is a turbulent time in terms of emotions and hormones. At 18 I'm not a ton better, but I have figured a few more things out.

So, summary, don't get hung up on one person, you might miss someone who is right in front of you.



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Trust me you are only 15, don't put all your apples in one basket and tie yourself up with one chick. There is a song and I can't remember who sings it at the moment, it says "be young, be foolish, but be happy"

enjoy being a kid while you can, trust if you don't now you will kick yourself in the ass for it when you are older.
the best advice i can give is to just be friends with the girl and dont worry about if things will happen or not.....

i'm going to be 21 soon and i am in lust with this guy that i talk to on a regular basis. i make myself miserable wondering if he likes me and what not but i gotta tell you..... the best moments are when i forget about liking him and just be friends with him.

we have some wild conversations that make me laugh so hard i pee myself but i would miss those if i was so wrapped up in liking him that i couldnt enjoy the time at hand...... thats my advice to you..............

p.s. your fifteen, not nearly old enough to have a fulfilling relationship that helps you develop as a person