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New Language?


Registered Member
Has anyone ever tried learning / succeeded in learning a new language? I started a new job this week and will be arriving early before the store opens every day for the whole entire summer, and by early im talking like 2 or 3 hours. in 2 or three hours a day Im starting to think I could actually accomplish something fantastic! like learning a new language perhaps.

French or spanish, something.
Anyways, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions, to the better choices of books out there that would help me achieve this new goal in a organized, non-confusing, timely matter.


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Well, I really cant recommend a book since my books are school books. But there are some good sites like ielanguages.com. And with the online thing you actually get to hear how words are pronounced by foreigners. :nod:
Another good thing. After you learn enough, it helps to actually try to read newspapers. I already know some French and I'm always trying to read news articles in Le Monde online.
Le Monde.fr : Actualité à la Une
I hope that helps a little. There will prolly be other members who know what books to buy. :)


I'm currently trying to learn Italian. I don't really have much advice for you though sorry. I have a teacher who comes once a week and we have one on one lessons. I think I would struggle trying to learn a language on my own but some people seem to manage it easily.


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I have learned English pretty well and know some Russian but do not strive to be as good in Russian as English. The only advise I can offer is to learn the basics, the small phrases of everyday use and build from this.


Embrace the Suck
I've heard Rosetta Stone is pretty good but it's pretty expensive. The best advice I can give you in actually learing a new language is as you begin to learn it, you need to learn to think in that language. I grew up speaking English and Spanish and as I went through school English became my dominant language. I got into the habit of thinking in English and then translating it into Spanish in my head when I was conversing with someone. I had to force myself to think in Spanish so as not to lose it. If that makes sense.


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CO makes a very good point as well, it seems impossible, but eventually you will need to think in the language you wish to know. This is maybe the hardest thing that took me so long to do, but once you think in the language you wish to know, it becomes easier to advance in this language. For so long I would think what it was I wished to say in Eesti, translate in my head word by word (which is hard because sometimes what you say in Eesti, is backwards from how to say in English) sort all this out, then try to make sense of it all...

So train your brain to think like you wish to speak, this will be most helpful to you.


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I'm near fluent in Spanish and I have a basic understanding of German. I learned Spanish in school by taking years of it and then expanding my research outside of school. What I picked up on most was the formal instruction, though. As for German, I was taught by a former friend of mine who has a dual American-German citizenship. It was less formal and I don't think I read any books on that.

For me, it was just a thing that took time-- time from me to study it and time from someone to teach it, as I learn better audibly than visually. I don't remember the books I used for Spanish, though, but there were several.


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Learning a new language is always a challenge, but if you have the desire theere are so many options available. I leart english and spanish "on site", I believe there is nothing better then to be completely immersed in the country.

Listening to radio and read the press also help. There is always podcast to download in most radio show, try something that you like first and participate in forums too.

Good luck, I'm starting Arabic soon, it's an old dream of mine. ah!


Sally Twit
I don't think I'm patient enough to learn a new language. The only way I could see myself doing it is if I was visiting a Foreign country for a long time.

I took French in school and have pretty much forgotten all I was taught as I never used it outside of school.