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New Job


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This past Monday, I got a new job. So far I like the job and got to do more today. I got hired as a medical hair technician which is doing hair transplant. Lot's of blood I tell ya. So All I have to say is cherish your hair while you can. I spent the yesterday and today at another facility they had that was 2 hours from here. It took us about 3 hours to get back because of 2 semi trucks flipping over. I later watched the news and it said they the incident happend at 5am. It was 5pm and they were towing the second truck away but it was backed up for miles.


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Congrats Dragon . Sounds fun hope you enjoy It and make tons of money.. Thought I would jump in and say HI to all the folks. Sorry I havent been on;one much I sent andrew a PM to explain it all IM sure dragan If you have spoke with nani she has told you whats up on my end .Really dont want to go Into much detail here .Im just trying to cope with It the best I can Its hard but you have to keep going. anyways good luck on the new job and I had to post I got tired of seeing that notice at the top when I logged in saying I hadnt posted in a while so maybe this will cure that ..

And andrew can you let me know If you got my Pm so at least I know you know what Is going On, Thanks again for a great site to be able to be a part of I miss all my old friends here and hope they all understand. :lol: Oh wait do I have any of them here on this great board,, ta ta friends till next time
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what? no pink?
good luck Dragon. sounds at least exciting! lol

Hey Dragon *waves* good to see ya! I had to post as well, I got tired of seeing the *666* next to my name ha! I'm surprised nobody pointed that out!:D