New Jersey, and other states


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Depending on the place where you live, does your area have an accent? I can't tell that I have one here in New Jersey, but supposedly I say dog and coffee weird.


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A Jersey accident is similar to a NY accent except with more or less gunshots depending on your area.

I lived in and around Boston my whole life so of course I don't pronounce all my "r"s.

Other than the typical southern or midwestern accent, I'm not sure what else there is.


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I had a pretty heavy Baltimore accent when I lived there.

The area I live in now has more of a appalacian/country accent and I hope I haven't inhereted it.


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Ask someone from western PA to say 'bagel', always a good laugh.

I have to disagree with the NY/NJ accent being the same though. Now I can see where people get easily confused because there are a large majority of people especially in North Jersey who have migrated from NY and just keep the accent. But the Gerzi twang is a little different and a lot less heavy than a true NY accent. It is also because of this that the NJ sounds isn't as wide spread as it was in the 80s and 90s.

Minasoooota. Gotta love that midwest. Very Fargo-ish but MN isn't has hard as the Dakotas.

Then in various random areas of the cities across the states, you have different types of Spanglish, and other languages merged into English as a dialect of its own.
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I live in California and sometimes people say I have a skater-speak or California surfer accent. I don't know, I've heard surfers talk and they have this shallow surfer-speak going on. I don't have that from what I tell. :eek:


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Himie says I have an accent but I don't hear it. I think people around here sound just like the national newscasters.


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Midwest is the only area I think that technically doesnt have an accent.

Southern Ohioans have a southern drawl similar to West Virginia.

But no accents up here near Cleveland.