New iPhone Coming out in July


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A new iPhone will be released on July 17th of this year. It looks like it will be significantly better than the current models.

Check this out:

Next-Gen iPhone Specs, Launch Date Revealed? | Gadget Lab |

If you were thinking about getting an iPhone, you MAY want to hold off until this new version comes out.

I wish it had a clickable screen though. That's the one thing that still might be better on the Blackberry Storm.


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It looks pretty slick. I've always wanted an iPhone. Perhaps if I have enough disposable income I'll indulge (which I may have come this summer).


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If this is true then this is great news, I was planning on getting an iphone this summer but was skeptical about downgrading the amount of space from my current 30 gig to a 16 gig. Luckily with a 32 gig model this wont be an issue.


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i bought it. and i have to say I am very happy. i had been against the iPhone previously cause I felt the memory amount didn't match the pricetag. but it makes sense now. and for me, being disabled, its really easy to operate physically.