new here

my idiotic girlfriend is making me do this.

i like airplanes and cheese.
i'm in aviation school and i'm 23.
i wanna chat but i haven't posted enough to do it :(


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Haha, Each message has to be a least 50( think) characters long, Charlim is Character Limit :p

Déjà vu? was because you've posted this twice now. Haha
oh my bad my idiotic girlriend said it didnt post so i had reposted it....
and youre right about raye squared

sorry about the double post
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Kaci? Haha Welcome to the forum. I'm glad Raye Raye got you to join :]

(This is Jacksonville Girl if you don't know lol)


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Hello there. I suppose you're the one we saw on the webcam the other day. If it's not you, sorry. :lol:

Glad you accepted raye²s invite and joined us.