New Here ...

Hi everyone.. Just wanted to introduce myself.. I found this site about a week ago and have been a lurker.. Thought it was an interesting site and decided to register. Seems like a good bunch of people here. Some of the other sites have some pretty harsh stuff to say when they do not agree with you or your auctions. Quick to judge without the whole story kinda stuff..

Well anyway it seems pretty cool here and I just wanted to say hi and maybe look around and see what I can offer as far as responses and posts..



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Welcome to the site, hope you have fun and enjoy the company, if you have any problems let one of us mods or Admin know and we can help you out.


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Welcome WebWizard

Grab a coke and pull up a chair. We have many strange and unusual things here on the forums, with a little normal stuff thrown in from time to time.

Hope you enjoy your stay!