New here.............



Hi everybody..... :D
The main reason i'm here doing posting was becos of (Insane in the Lane) from mixmakers.....
Give him lot of credit... Hopefully I could contribute.and help a lot of ppl in this forum.... By the way, I was basketball and dragonball fans.....

Fans of Toronto Raptors too... Go Andrea Bargnani..... Chris Bosh .... Charlie V.....


Sultan of Swat
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Hey buddy I'm glad we have another Raptors fan on this forums, I'm sure your going to like these forums if you give them a chance. Enjoy yourself and post as much as you can.


Welcome to Central Fusion.

Post around the forum and make Senator happy. You already made Vince Carter and me happy by being a Raptors fan.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Ah yes....make Senator mad and he will start cracking ur skull. Though I prefer the chocolate alternative >>;

But hey welcome to Central Fusion by the way!*hands a bag of chocolate* This is ur welcoming present and also ur only life line. Eat it to stay hyper and active cause if u don't them the Skull Basher will come and visit u*does mad scientist laugh*
Hah, I've got some notoriety... I think I like this.

Welcome... don't think you're anything special because Vince invited you, he brought about 95% of the people on this forum. Still, lots of credit to him for doing so... hopefully you won't LET HIM DOWN. Post a lot, don't suck... yeah.