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New guest from an Arab country


New Member
Hello :)
I am new member of the Forum
It is an Arab country and my religion Islam
Is it possible to welcome me with you
And the exchange of dialogues and public debate away from the racism
Or leave before I have the honor with awareness? :shifteyes:​


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, we're glad to have you here! There are others of the Muslim faith around, and this is a very friendly place to meet people and have discussions. What country are you from? What are some of your interests or hobbies?


Registered Member
Welcome to the forums.

We are very diverse here when it comes to religion and debates.

But.. do you like any sports?


Registered Member
Welcome to General Forums! :) This is a very friendly forum with lots of great topics to discuss! I have friends that are Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, well almost everything! It makes life more interesting! :nod: I will see you in the threads!


Where is my Queen?
Yeah, it is a pretty friendly and fair forum, I don't think that you will have no trouble fitting in...always interested in ideas and beliefs from different countries, and look foward to your posts.

P.S. Welcome to the jungle.


I'm serious
Hi y-h-. Welcome to GF. Which Arab country are you from specifically? I am planning a mini trip to the UAE early next year. I've always wanted to go see that side of the world.

Tell us more about yourself, and stick around to learn more about us. I am sure you will fit in nicely here with us! ;)


Lion Rampant
Greetings from California! It's good that you could join us. There's discussion here to interest everyone and all views are welcome. General Forum may even become like a home if you stay long, as it has for many others.


Registered Member
Greetings from Saudi Arabia....
Enjoy your time with us and have fun!:)
See you around!:D