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Sultan of Swat
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If you had the chance to create a new group like Evoloution, DX, NWO ect. Who would you choose, your group is allowed to have 4 wrestlers, but two of these wrestlers are a tag team. So how would your group look like? You can choose a wrestler from any brand.


Sultan of Swat
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Here's my group.

The leader would be Edge
My Tag Team would be Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy
Then the other member of the group would be Umaga.

I think that would be a sick group.

If you do decide to do a group please don't put wrestlers that have already grouped together e.g HBK and HHH in DX.


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Leader: Big Show
Tag-Team: Reunite the Hardy Boyz
Third Wheel: Randy Orton

I think that Show could seriously handle running a stable, the Hardyz area damn good team and they would be able to compete in singles still. Orton is good, really good, but I'm not too big on his mic skills. Being a part of a stable would help with that. That would give the stable two main eventers and two mid carders with a possible main eventer in Jeff Hardy and lots of gold history.


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For RAW:

Leader: Carlito
Tag Team: Cody Rhodes & D.H. Smith
Other Member: Paul Birchill

For Smackdown:

Leader: Jamie Noble
Tag Team: Jesse & Festus
Other Member: Jimmy Wang Yang

For ECW: Too small of a roster! :)

For TNA:

Leader: "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (assuming he'll return)
Tag Team: The Motor City Machineguns
Other Member: Kaz


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Leader: Batista
Tag: bring back FBI
3rd Wheel: Mysterio


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For RAW:

Leader: Triple H
Tag Team: John Cena and Jeff Hardy
Other Member: Randy Orton

For Smackdown:

Leader: Batista
Tag Team: Kane and the Undertaker
Other Member: Rey Mysterio

For ECW:

Leader: CM Punk
Tag Team: John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin
Other Member: Elijah Burke

For TNA:

Leader: Christian Cage
Tag Team: Kaz and AJ Styles
Other Member: Samoa Joe