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New Grounds


Registered Member
Hello everyone!

I found this place after hours of trying to figure out how to use this wonderful thing called the 'internet' in this age of communications to talk to another interesting human being. I suppose there are at least close to 3 billion people on the other end of these wires, so I thought it an easy enough task.

Reality is different.

So I ended up here, and I hope to probe this place enough to connect with loads of open-minded people and have more than enough interesting conversations to cover my basic human need of getting a different perspective on everything that goes through my mind. One mind just isn't enough.

I can't wait to discuss everything and anything with all of you.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums Overdrive. You definitely found the best discussion forum on the web. We have great members, great discussions and overall we have a great time around these parts.

Hopefully that you'll decide to come back and post some more. By reading your introduction it seems like you have a great personality.

See ya around...I hope.


Registered Member
Welcome to GF!
I noticed that you just mentioned the internet.....do you have other interests or things you like to do?
Again you are welcome...:welcome:
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Lion Rampant
Greetings, Master PO. When I saw the originality of your thread title, I was hopeful that we might have a live one. You are definitely in the right place.


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Welcome to GF!
I noticed that you just mentioned the internet.....do you have other interests or things you like to do?
Again you are welcome...:welcome:
Love the attention. This sure seems like a great place!

I do have interests. I'm working on becoming a full-time hypnotist and NLP practitioner, because it's the most effective modality I've found for making mine and other people's lives better. Now that the weird part's out of the way, I love practical martial arts, Jeet Kune Do in particular, but lately it's taken a back seat in the face of badminton, the third corner of my love triangle with physical activities. I've recently started to pick up Go again, a 4000+ year-old strategy board game from China (or so the Chinese say).

Moving on to vague concepts. I love to learn. It's not a euphemism I annex at the end of a resume, it's true. This Stumble! button atop my browser could tell you how sore it is from my clicking it, then sing songs of respite and thanks for the time I spend between clicks actually reading all the material I can get my eyes on. I like socializing on- and offline, but only in a way that's mentally engaging.

And to humble it all out, I'm some guy stuck in a dead-end, minimum wage job he's way too good for (aren't we all), living in a tiny apartment with his fiancee, who spends too much time on computers and video games.

I hope that's a good enough picture for now. And for those concerned, I WILL be posting shortly.

Watch for me by the moonlight.


"Expect the unexpected"
Welcome to GF Phoenix! This is it! This is where you need to be! See you around.........
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