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New GMO Mosquitoes released


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I heard about this a couple months ago. It's an ingenious idea and shows the potential power of gene modification. I'm a little uneasy about messing with nature, because it always has unintended consequences. But if this works and helps to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes, then I'm all for it.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If this works out maybe they could also do something about ticks. Would love to see both species go extinct. Both are good for nothing but spreading disease.


I had heard they were going to genetically modify skeeters that carry H1N1 (I think it was) and maybe certain other diseases, but this is the first I've heard of them doing it for Zika and the first I've heard of them actually being at the stage of releasing these GM bloodsuckers.

The methodology proposed in the article is different than what I heard proposed to fight H!N!. I think the mechanics of evolution will adapt very quickly to a methodology that inhibits production of viable offspring. The method I heard proposed for fighting H1N1 was to take genes from species of mosquitoes that are immune to the disease and put them into those that carry the disease, effectively creating a fertile cross-genic hybrid. Over time these genes would disseminate throughout the species, making Aedes Aegypti and the other few species of mosquito that do carry human pathogens a non-threat. Since this method doesn't attempt to interfere with the species biological imperative, it is more likely to be a permanent solution in my opinion.