New GF Chat

Alright, I know how disappointed everyone is about not having the chat. So if you're a GF chat regular, or just someone who wants to try it out, we've discovered a solution. (By we I mean ysabel, vincent, atreyu, and me...sorta)

Anyway; here's the deal. We have a permanent chat room opened in YM now. If you have YIM (Yahoo Instant Messenger) or want to get it, then all you have to do is message one of us four (or probably all of us) and one of us will invite you into the chat. I'll be idled in it 24/7 virtually until we get real chat back.

Sui = Thedayisbreaking
ysabel = .....just pm Sui instead.
Atreyu = sir_visa
Vincent = homerjsimpson304290

So let's bring GF chat back...sorta
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I just had it off for a few days to test how the server ran without it. I have to say the past few days were pretty lag free (at least for me). I don't think it was chat related though so chat is probably back for a while. :)