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Sony New games needed


Yuumei Kijo

:) Hey everyone. How are you doing? I was hoping that some of you might know of a few good games that I could try out. I play RPG, hack and slash type. I can't play ones like Final Fantasy. I love the story I just can't stand turn based. Not real fond of first person shooters either. I play ones like, .Hack/Series, Shadow of the colossus, ICO, Lord of the Rings, Jak 2-3, Sly Cooper 1-2-3, ummm... I can't remember the others at this moment. How sad is that? LOL!!!! Anyway. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks for your help ahead of time. You guys are awesome. 8)


lol, I have no idea... hmmm, well you didn't list Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Drakengard, Dynasty Warriors 5, Devil Kings... well the last 3 aren't really rpgs... but they are fun asll hell hack n slashers lol, oh ya the Devil May Cry series too... yup.


You can look forward to Kingdom Hearts II this month. There's also Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, The Matrix: Path of Neo, The new Rachet game............ There are probably more, but my brain is fried right now.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Could you give me a full list of game genres you play? It'll help when thinking of games you could try getting.

Yuumei Kijo

Sorry. It would probably help if I did list the genres wouldn't it?! My bad. I'm an action, adventure, hack and slash, ummm...Platformers??? I think. Ugh. College fried my brain, it's gone. Sorry I wasn't more specific in the beginning. Thanks for the replies you guys!!!!

Anonym0uz Bitch

Path of Neo was horrible, that game was so retarded.


-Radiata Stories (RPG with real-time battle, kinda like Star Ocean)
-Drakengard 2 (More of a hack n' slash, but definitely ALOT of RPG elements)
-Musashi Samurai Legend <-badass IMO XD

Hope those will help!

Yuumei Kijo

Thanks for your help. I tried out Kingdom Hearts 2. Had a reservation on that on. More than worth it. I also picked up Drakengard 2. Love the game. Hack n' Slash!!!! Hehehe. You guys rock. I'm going to borrow Devil May Cry from a friend. Eventually. Thanks again. Let me know if you think of others or see something that was cool to you. You guys rock!!!!
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