New game idea. The Dimensional Crossroads. Opinions and feedback needed.

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Okay I am gonna put down one of my game ideas on this board. I want your opinions on it. It is gonna be quite lengthy, just a warning to you people. It may take several posts to get it down so don't post until I got everything down. Here it goes.

About the Dimensional Crossroads: Many years ago in the court of Reality, the Judges of reality were on an agreement. They were going to remove the judge of darkness, Xos from the court of Reality because he was witnessed working with a cult that was linked to several murders and destructions of realitys. Xos was so angry about this that his evil aura started to create Vicsor, a demon powerful enough to destroy the Reality core. Xos had to do one thing first and that was to kill the remaining six Reality Judges for revenge. Vicsor and Xos went to the Court of Reality. The judges fought the two evil forces but they were killed easily by Vicsor and Xos. Only one of the judges survived. The Judge of Time, Timester escaped with luckily only minor injuries. Timester informed the soldiers of the core about Xos and Vicsor. Timester left to his tower to heal from his injures even though they are minor. The commander of the soldiers of the core, Kurmina sent out every single soldier to protect the reality core because if it was to be destroyed, every single reality existing would be destroyed since it powers them. Both Xos and Vicsor sent out the entire cult to fight. The war for the Reality Core started. The fight was fierce. Kurmina knew how to destroy Vicsor. She used a magical spell that would end up sacrificing her life to destroy Vicsor. She used it and both Kurmina and Vicsor died. The war ended with Xos the only survivor. Swearing revenge, Xos retreated back to his world to heal from his many major injuries while trying to rebuild his cult. Fifteen years later Xos finally got healed with his entire cult rebuilt. Xos knew that he needs Vicsor for this so he decided to search for the souls needed to revive Vicsor. Each soul has a fraction of Vicsor in them in order to make sure Vicsor never comes back to life. Along with his vice-commander Carvon, Xos recruited many soldiers to fight alongside with them to find the many souls to revive Vicsor. Xos orders everyone to go and search for the souls around every reality. Xos and Carvon go to "Shray Town", a town full of lively people. A kid named Kyle Glurvick and his family were going to the movies until they encountered Xos and Carvon. Xos knew that Kyle is one of the souls needed but he needs to get rid of the parents in order to get to Kyle so Xos ordered Carvon to go after Kyles dad. Carvon went behind Kyles father and used his saw blade that was hidden in his claw and killed his dad. Xos shot a laser beam out of his fingers and killed Kyles mother. Stunned, Kyle ran away from both of them before they had time to notice him. Kyle ran out of Shray Town from the mysterious killers. Not just Kyle but a lot of other people are having serious trouble with Xos's force and even their lives are being changed from this. On an old tower, the former reality judge Timester, noticed that Xos is back with an army. Timester had to do something so he grabbed a few friends he knew and had them protect and recruit all the other souls to fight against Xos. Who will win? Will Xos revive Vicsor and destroy every single reality? Find out in Dimensional Crossroads.

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Fighters: Every fighter has their own backstory, movesets, abilities, and weakness's. Here is the roster.

^-you can't play as them after beating story mode.

1. Xos: The main antagonist of Dimensional Crossroads. His mission is to revive Vicsor so he can destroy the reality core. He's the only survivor of the original cult after the first war. Xos is extremely powerful and highly intelligent making him an opponent you shouldn't underestimate. ^

2. Carvon: Carvon is Xos's vice-commander. Unlike Xos, Carvon wants Vicsor so he can gain ultimate power and become ruler of the universe(Xos wants to destroy the realities). During a fight against his rival, Atlo, his hands were cut off during battle and they were both replaced with claws. Once Vicsor is revived, Carvon wants to betray Xos and use Vicsor for his own uses but it is unknown if he is stronger than Xos because he was only facing foes weaker than both of them. Carvon holds a secret saw blade in both of his claws. ^

3. Vicsor: The mysterious shadow demon of Xos's force. His power is almost unlimited, making powerful enough to destroy or even corrupt the reality core. There are souls needed to revive Vicsor so Xos ordered his entire army to capture them. Vicsor is one of the few fighters who can transform from first form, centipede form, final form, and true form. If Vicsor were to be revived, everyone would have to team up and face against this ultra powerful demon. ^

4. Timester: Timester is the master of time and the only surviving reality judge left. He is in the shape of an hourglass and holds his time scepter. He holds a grudge against Xos and wants him defeated so "Time and peace can finally be together again". After the war that left Xos wounded, Timester met Atlo and Pyromaniac which are now his loyal friends. Timester uses time itself as magic during battle. ^

5. Atlo Firdigi: Atlo Firdigi is a gunslinging, fighter wanting revenge. Twenty years ago his son, Mal Firdigi was killed by Carvon while Atlo was protecting his city from Carvons army. Now that he found out Carvon has formed an alliance with Xos, he now wants to do anything to make sure Carvon is dead. He doesn't care if he stops Vicsors revival, he doesn't care if he has to go through Xos or anyone else, and he really doesn't care about if anyone else dies as long as he kills Carvon for what he did. Atlo is extremely skilled during combat. He is close friends with Pyromaniac and Timester but he doesn't care if they die as long as Carvon dies.

6. Sal "Pyromaniac" Gravil: Sal Gravil is actually the powerful Pyromaniac. Pyromaniac is so skilled at the art of Fire magic that his level exceeds even the legendary Fire wizards. One day Pyromaniacs entire family was killed by the cult named the "Blood hearts" that he thought he trusted. Because of that, Sal left his past behind and he is now Pyromaniac. Sal, Atlo, and Timester are all close friends. Pyromaniac has a variety of fire magic including one where he literally engulfs himself into fire as fire armor.

7. Kyle Glurvick: Kyle Glurvick is a teenager whose parents were killed by Xos and Carvon. Along with his closest friend Bre Mirni, they escape from Shay Town. Both Kyle and Bre are skilled at using a sword since they are in a special program at their school together. Kyle is usually shy around new people but he usually helps out the best he could.

8. Bre Mirni: Bre Mirni is a teenager from the town of Shay Town. When Shay Town was being attacked by Xos and Carvon, Kyle searched for Bre and the both of them got to safety. She is a smart girl who is always kind to people but hates three things: Pickles, Greed, and hiding secrets. She hates violence but sometimes that changes when she has to fight. Like Kyle, Bre went in a special program that lets them train with swords and she is extremely skilled with a sword.

9. Kurajin: Along with his friends Shinizan and Hakuko, Kurajin is working with Xos to revive Vicsor. Kurajins, Shinizans, and Hakukos fathers were part of the war and died and they want to do what their fathers did. Kurajin is a wizard with high power magic. He is the leader out of the three and is very determined when he sets his mind on something.

10. Shinizan: Shinizan is part of the trio that is working with Xos to get the souls needed to revive Vicsor. Shinizan is the brawns out of the trio and he usually peforms most of the back breaking tasks. His father was part of the war but died and he wants to follow in his footsteps. Kurajin uses magic, Hakuko uses a whip, and Shinizan uses his own fists to fight. He is the oldest out of the three.

11. Hakuko: Hakuko is the youngest between her, Shinizan, and Kurajin. She is following in her father’s footsteps since her dad worked as one of the cult members of Xos's force which is why the three friends have a powerful bond. She got the rank of Assassin while working with Xos. Her whip is powerful enough to shatter bones in a single hit. She had a sister but Jakakro killed her years ago.

12. Eruption: Eruption is an unstable shizophrenic that usually has dangerous mood swings. When Kurajin, Shinizan, and Hakuko found him in an abandon house, Eruption was glad to see someone in over his thirty years of living but quickly went dangerous as he attacked them in an instant. He was so strong that the three friends had to use tactics out of their normal routines to take him down and they had to work together as well. They captured Eruption and put him in a cage in a cargo ship that was heading towards one of Xos's bases. Eruption was a small baby when his family left him, chained up in the house. Eruption had to eat the animals that walked by him. With no one to love and the toxic gas that occasionally slips through the walls, Eruption eventually became crazy and made a leather mask to cover his face. Even Eruptions friends think he's dangerous even though when he is calm, he is one of the kindest people around. Eruption actually joins Timester once he controls his mind a bit more.

13. Jakakro: Jakakro is an extremely dangerous bounty hunter hired by Xos to search for the souls. Jakakro is always seen with white lipstick, black hat and black jacket(he takes them off sometimes when fighting), black tank tops, black pants, Glasses(he takes it off sometimes during fighting), and black shoes. Jakakro is always seen on his motercycle and he carries a chain-whip with him at all times. Jakakro loves to kill people and laughs at seeing them suffer. Jakakro is actually quite old despite the fact he sounds young because he has long white hair though the top of his head is bald. The only thing Jakakro loves is to see his victims bleeding to death and he laughs at them while they are bleeding. Jakakro also killed Hakukos sister but she doesn't know yet (but Hakuko got a wierd chill when she first met Jakakro and Jakakro knows about Hakuko). ^

14. Skeledeath: Weighing in at 590 pounds and being 6'11, Skeledeath is one of Xos's more dangerous soldiers. Skeledeath is extremely short tempered (he threatened to crush Kurajin just because he bumped into him). Skeledeath is so strong that he can destroy a boulder by elbowing it. Pyromaniac faced against this guy numerous times. Skeledeath is wearing red tanks with a yellow skull on it, a yellow skull mask, and on his breaks he wears a brown jacket with a yellow hat. Skeledeath was actually a wrestler but he was fired after "Turning his enemy’s spines into dust and their bones into yogurt"(But Skeledeath believes that was a lie so his boss can get a reason to fire him).

15. Jizzy Jurgon: Jizzy Jurgon is often refered to most of his friends as "Xos's soldier" because he is extremely loyal to Xos. Jizzy is really skilled at fist fighting which could explain why his hands are so fast when he is punching. Though he is loyal to Xos, he usually attacks his own partners just to get respect to Xos. He is one of the most unreliable men Xos has. Jizzy believes that the entire Jurgon family line is the absolute strongest of all families lines in the universe but doesn't talk about, fearing that Xos may execute him if he said so.

16. Pusher Brent: Pusher Brent and Pusher Craig are known as "The Pushers" around Xos's army. Pusher Brent is usually the brains out of the two pusher brothers. Both Pushers have a special robot suit they can go in when fighting. Pusher Brent usually relies on the Gatling gun his suit has. During training at the training facility Pusher Brent was constantly making fun of Kurajin and his friends to the point where Kurajin fought and defeated both Pushers. Pusher Brent is only 5 feet tall. Pusher Brent has a scouter like machine on his left eye.

17. Pusher Craig: Pusher Craig is the dim-witted powerhouse of the pushers. He usually disagrees what Pusher Brent does but he is always dragged along Brents ideas. Unlike Pusher Brents suit, Pusher Craigs suit uses missles and a flamethrower which makes it slower than Pusher Brents suit. Pusher Brent admits that Pusher Craig annoys him sometimes. Pusher craig has goggles that he can wear during bad weather. Brent and Craigs real name are Hurvik but Brent and Craig refer to themselves as the pushers because they believe that the last name Hurvik brings bad luck to them.

18. Slacker: Along with his friend Eggster, Slacker joined Xos's force just to get money but he didn't know Xos was evil since their job was to deliver cargo from one area to another in a flying cargo ship. When Slacker found out he was working with an evil cult, he got mad and both Eggster and he joined Timesters army. Slacker is cocky, Ignorant, rude, and at times, annoying to people who know him other than Eggster. Slacker is extremely quick with his claws and he spits poison at his enemies eyes to blind them. Just to let you know Slacker is a cross between a human, a chain(his body is chain-like), and a snake. Slacker, Eggster, and occasionally Phantro are all comic relief characters but they are still good in combat. Slacker is the only character that can use poison in battle. Fun Fact: Slacker was so addicted to soda that his parents actually had to put an electric dog color on him to prevent him from drinking more then he wants when he was a kid(Sadly that could explain why he was so mean to everyone).

19. Eggster: Eggster is a walking egg that was part of the Yolkin tribe until he was banished for being cowardly (his brother was more cowardly than him though). Eggster is working with Xos just to get money but he doesn't know Xos is evil since he is working on the cargo ship. When Eggster and Slacker discover their boss's true motives, they quickly joined Timesters army. Though Cowardly, Eggsters heart is really big because when the trio Kurajin, Shinizan, and Hakuko got severely injured during a fight, Eggster convinced Slacker and new friend Phantro to help them out. Though Eggster is often cowardly, when he sees his friends in deep trouble, he becomes aggressive and powerful. Eggster carries a bazooka he took from the cargo-ship and he is actually quite skilled at using it. Because of his shell, Eggster has good defense(he doesn't even know he is being attacked at times).

20. Phantro: Phantro is a shadow that his owner, a Goth named Billy Hurmin(who Xos killed), used a magic spell to make his shadow come alive and Phantro was born. Because his owner was a goth, Phantro was created with no emotions and the ability to use dark powers. Phantro meets Slacker and Eggster after the cargo-ship crashes and he saves them. He becomes friends with both of them really quickly. Phantro doesn't have to move to fight because he can summon dark tentacles to attack his enemies for him. Phantro wishes that he had feelings and emotions but it can never happen because his creator, Billy made it so that could never happen. Phantro and Billy got separated after Billy Hurmins 16th move in one month(It felt like that in Phantros point of view).

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Sorry for the double post. Ignore it please.

21. Karmus Oshirelly: Karmus Oshirelly is an Irish soldier that is working with the Vanpoar military agency. He is very dedicated to his work and when his friend Marco Shargo went missing during the ambush Xos did Karmus searched for him. Marco and Karmus reunited along with their friend Nina Hirmee. The Three friends went searching for the cause of the attack. Later the three friends get ambushed and get captured by Skeledeath, Jizzy, and the Pushers. They went in the same cell as Slacker, Eggster, Lurna, and Phantro (Apperantly Kurajin, Shinizan, and Hakuko thought differently when the four saved them). The seven unite to try and escape from their cell. Karmus wields a spear and had green armor on to show his Irish heritage but after an ambush, his armor broke and he replaced it with red armor, but still has his family sign on the back.

22. Marco Shargo: Marco Shargo is a high ranked soldier in the Vanpoar Military Agency that was captured by Xos's force when his friends and he were searching for the cause of the ambush on their town. Marco does whatever it takes to help people and even risk his life to save others. Marco is a true warrior at Vanpoar. When he was captured he formed an alliance with Slacker, Eggster, and Phantro so they can try and escape out of the cell they are in. Marco knows he doesn't have long to live since he has a virus in him that is slowly killing him but Nina knows what is going on with him but Karmus doesn't but she is trying to make a cure for Marco. Marco has a sword that shows proof of his strength and rank in the Vanpoar Military Agency along with green armor made out of the finest emeralds they had.

23. Nina Hirmee: Nina Hirmee is a priestess that is working in the Vanpoar MIlitary Agency. She's worried about Marcos safety and he doesn't want anything bad happen to him so she always follows him. Nina is usually a calm woman who never fights but when he does she usually uses the power of her chants to fight. Nina's job is to calm the souls down to many people that are angry.

24. Zo-Ka: Zo-Ka is a loyal adviser to Xos and a Carvon. Zo-Ka carries a rod with a spear attached to it. Zo-Ka spreads the info Xos gives to other people and he gives information to Xos himself. Zo-Ka rarely fights but whenever he does, he usually hides behind most of his men first so he can figure out how his enemy fights. Like Kurajin, Zo-Ka is a wizard.

25. Morlock: Morlock is an ex soldier of Xos that joined Timesters side because he couldn't kill his entire family when he was being ordered to do so. He is extremely aggressive and with his flair, Morlock is a powerful force that luckily joined the good side of the war. Morlock is at the same height as a X.M.S walker making him one of the larger characters in the game.

26. Dr. Flurchack: Dr. Flurchack is a long time scientist of Xos that quit working with Xos for a little while until a virus ate away his body. Now Flurchack is in a machine that was as tall as him to occupy his brain and soul, which were the only surviving parts of Flurchack. Flurchacks mechanical claws are also used as a spinning blade when fighting. Dr. FLurchack is extremely loyal to Xos.

27. Jester: Jester is one of Xos's soldiers that never takes anything seriously. He is one of the weaker soldiers Xos has. Despite being weak, Jester has his own unique moveset that makes him dangerous around his foes. Jester usually helps around the fortress and now and then he makes a terrible joke. Jester is never taken seriously, even when he is being serious. The only reason why Xos is keeping Jester in his cult is because Jester is an expert on explosives and Xos needs the bombs in order destroy any obstacles that go through his way to revive Vicsor.

28. Lucky MoroKo: Lucky MoroKo is a gentle man that has the mind of a small child. Sadly that genetic of him with the mind of a child was passed on from his father’s side and he does child stuff like play at the playground or even ride on the merry-go round. When Xos attacked Shray Town, Lucky was looking for his uncle, Dennis KroMo for help. Though it looks like Lucky can't fight, Lucky was taught to use a special arm mechanism when in trouble which makes his punches feel like running into a brick wall.

29. Dennis KroMo: Dennis KroMo is a retired FBI agent that got badly injured when trying to defuse a bomb. Because of the explosion, doctors had to use metal and machinery to turn Dennis into a cyborg. Dennis has a few gaurds in his mansion and they help him with weekly maintence on his cyborgnetic body. When Xos knew that Dennis was one of the souls needed to revive Vicsor, he sent out dozens of soldiers to the mansion. The guards were outnumbered and they died. Dennis had to blow up his own mansion to prevent them from capturing him. His nephew is Lucky MoroKo and even though he cares about him a lot, he finds Lucky annoying at times.

30. Morka: Morka is an achient ghost soldier that Xos revived with a low power revival spell. Because his heart wasn't as dark as Vicsors, Morka was able to be revived without any souls. Because Morka is an incomplete spirit, he has a silver aura around him. He was once the captain of an evil empire until he was killed by a soldier who was later named king. Morka carries a blood stained sword called the "krackenscale". Morka also has the ability to heal other people.

31. Adam Trockfield: Adam Trockfield is a thief who was in hiding from the law after a mass robbery he was in. He didn't know Xos invaded considering he was 100's of miles away from Shay Town and that he came from a different dimension (He looks a bit like a medieval thug). When Xos's men attacked his campsite, Adam grabbed his giant battle axe and defeated the soldiers. He knew something was wrong so Adam went out to investigate what is going on. Trockfield carries a lightweight battle axe so he can use his speed to its full advantage but still have the power of a knight.


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32. Albert Firkel: Albert Firkel is a hippie that was also an ex soldier in the navy. Albert loves the environment and is easily angered. When Xos was attacking home hometown Shray Town, Albert decided to go and battle Xos with his hand-made chainsaw and home-made grenades. Albert dislikes people who are hurting people he knows and wants to teach them a lesson. What Albert doesn't know is that Xos has magic powers while he only has hand-made weapons.

33. Lurna Zinnie: Lurna Zinnie is a girl with a lot of pep and energy. She carries a bow, arrows, a boomerang, and a dagger with her just in case since the forest she lives in has quite a few dangerous creatures ( like the Mega-termite, Fire bears, werewolves, and the rare, gold varity of werewolves.) When Xos attacked she ran away from her house since it caught on fire. Later she was being attacked by Jizzy. Slacker, Eggster, and Phantro saved her from Jizzy. She joined the three in hopes of knowing where her family is. She quickly fell in love with Slacker and she literally always clings to him(Slacker may or may not feel the same way about her but he acts as if he is scared when Lurna is around him). Lurna is unusual because she her mother is a human while her father is part of a cat tribe called the "Felshi's". She is a cross between them (think of a typical cat girl in most shows). She isn't the only Human/Felshi cross in her school, about six others are at her school.

34. Licker: Licker is a mechanic from a space station called the "Hawkburner". Like others who are his species, Licker has long claws on his hands, a plump body, stubby legs, and obviously an extremely large tongue. Because the tongue is so large, the species Licker is has gained telepathy which lets him talk using his mind. Xos kidnapped Licker and is using him as a mechanic. Licker is wise, Like Timester but he has extremely high intelligence due to the years he has been as a mechanic yet he tends to get distracted easily. Licker uses his own drill-gloves to hurt his enemies. He doesn't fight often but he is quite powerful when he does. Licker also knows everything about Xos's ship including the location of each room and how big it is.

35. Officer Pancho Vil Churaz: Along with his partner Henry Turblad, Officer Pancho Vil Curaz is part of a special S.W.A.T. force dispatched to attack Xos. Pancho, Henry, and four other teammates followed Xos to his ship and went inside. Xos knew he was being followed so he ordered his men to take care of them. Xos's soldiers came and killed off the four teammates and forced Pancho and Henry to separate from each other. Since they both have radios, Pancho told Henry to hide somewhere until the ship lands. Officer Pancho carries a pistol and is a good martial artist. Pancho and Henry are the only characters to use firearms since they are modern world characters like Bre and Kyle (But they machetes instead of firearms).

36. Officer Henry Turblad: Officer Henry Turblad is an S.W.A.T. member older then Pancho. Henry is often seen wearing his snow hat, glasses, and different colored clothing. Henry is often quiet unless he is getting orders but he is a kind guy once you get to know him. Pancho carries a shotgun to battle and has a knife with him. Henry knows about a few of the fighters on Xos's side such as Skeledeath and Dr. Flurchack. Henry usually carries a riot shield to battle that can wear down from too many attacks. Though Henry and Pancho have modern day weapons like pistols and combat knifes, they are evenly matched to the swords and other weapons other fighters have so you won't have to worry about their weapons overpowering others.

37. "Powerhouse Richie" Richard Trovon: Richard Trovon is a powerful yet gentle man who was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Atlos son. Atlo tried to convince the police it was Carvon but they wouldn't Liston. The day Richard was gonna be put to death was also the day Xos attacked Shray Town. The police were killed and he escaped. Richard ran out of Shray Town. Later he finds the cage Eruption is in and he frees him. Richard and Eruption becomes close friends afterwords. Richard really hates violence and though it looks like he could knock out someone like Skeledeath in one punch, he is haunted by the kidnapping of his daughter done by Shrokai right after he got arrested. Richard found a ring that could heal people, which Morka created for Xos but lost it.

38. Shrokai: Shrokai is a slug-like criminal that joins Xos and kidnapped Richard Trovons daughter. Shrokai's face was burned off, which is why it is replaced with metal. He is one of the slower assassins but he outmatches most assassins (but he is tied with Hakuko). Shrokais legs are like a slug because of a major birth defect. Shrokai also replaced his right arm with an elemental whip (in this case it was the ice element). Shrokai does have a nice heart since he let Richards’s daughter go to a young family after hearing her pleas. Shrokai now protects Shivo, who he thinks that the day Xos is going to use Shivo's powers to its full potential is the day he'll escape with Shivo.

39. Shivo Crostidition: Shivo Crostidition is a young boy part of an unknown and mysterious race called the Surmlas. Shivo is extremely shy around anyone who isn't a Surmla but considering the Surmlas are almost extinct (Legend has it that if you have a Surmla living in your town, then that means the town will be considered extremely lucky) he is too afraid to trust people. He is really gullible and believes in what other people say no matter who they are which made things easy for Xos to gain a new recruit. Whenever something bad happens, he usually blames himself and even hurts himself because of it. Shivo is extremely powerful but he doesn't want to use his powers because ever since he burned a bear cub with the powers, he never got over it. Xos needs Shivo because Shivo has an ability to actually make the souls Xos grabs into soul orbs, which along with the actual spell itself, are needed to revive Vicsor. Shivo has a metal mask on his face like Shrokai but it only covers his upper part of his face and it has a spiky pattern on it. Surmlas are divided into either the wolf Surmla or the Coyote Surmla and in Shivo's case, He is a wolf Surmla. Shivo also wears a purple robe with an unusual green hat. One of his hands have a glove on. Shivo is afraid that he'll never revive the Surmla race. Timester knew Shivo's innocent personality won't be enough to protect himself from Xos's dark hearts to he had Atlo, Pyromaniac, Pancho, Henry, Marco, and Nina to go and rescue Shivo once everyone is reunited with each other. When Shivo sees any of his friends or people he cares about getting hurt by someone else, Shivos eyes turn red with rage and his aggression makes him a powerhouse. Shivo also believes Shrokai is his uncle so he calls him "Uncle Shrokai". Shivo is abused by every one of Xos's men except for Shrokai (Jakakro choked Shivo with his chain just because he bumped into him). Shivo is an orphan whose parents died by the hands of Xos. Shivo doesn't talk about how he got the powers to turn souls into soul orbs to anyone, including people he trusts.

40. Melora Nurville: Melora Nurville is a teenage girl who wants to protect Shivo at all costs. Shivo and Melora are close friends since they were young but one day Xos came and tried to capture Shivo for his power to turn souls into soul orbs but they both escaped. Melora always puts her life on the life just to protect Shivo because she knows of his power and Shivo is the only friend Melora has. She is a little impatient and at times stubborn when she gets something in her mind but she use tactics her great grandfather used to eliminate threats. She carries two swords, one as a spare. When Xos convinced Shivo to join him, Melora promised herself she won't rest until Shivo is with her.

41. Jewel-face: Jewel-face is a shadow goblin that the prince of goblins, Prince Goby the IV gave to Xos so he can grab souls. Jewel-face isn't the only goblin that Goby gave to Xos but he sure is one of the stronger goblins. Jewel-face, like his name describes has two jewels for eyes, two other jewels on his shoulders, and a giant jewel on his back that is used for absorbing the darkness. Jewel-face loves to use his wierd attacks and trickery to defeat his opponents. He is also quick on his feet, which makes him a very tough opponent. The only thing that stops Jewel-face from attacking his enemies are shiny gems and bright glass. Jewel-face's claws are sharp enough to slice through diamonds. Fun fact: Fewel-faces tounge has a ruby on it. Jewel-face can also transform into his enemies for espionage missions and to trick his opponents.

42: Meia Callago: The sister of Olivia Callago. She is an agent of the Shay Town defense force. When Xos attacked and destroyed Shay Town, Meia and Olivia were hiding and when Meia went outside to see if anyone is alive, Vorcoxs attacks Meia. Meia has acrobatic and martial art moves to go with her brains on everything. She is usually headstrong but she deeply cares about her sister.

43: Olivia Callogo: The sister of Meia Callogo. She is a veteran martial artist and the leader of the Shray Town defense force. When Xos's force invaded, all Olivia cared about was the safety of her sister. He is extremely great at hand-to hand combat. When Meia and Olivia escaped Shray Town, they met Adam, Albert, Dennis, Pancho, Melora, Henry, Potonogo and Lucky soon after.

44: Potonogo: Potonogo is Shivo's gaurdian that Melora gave to Shivo when she knew he was in danger of Xos. He is made out of stones, lava, and ice with only one eye made out of electricity. He is slow but his Special attack skyrockets out of the normal stats, which makes up for his poor speed and evasion. Potonogo does not talk but he can tell the emotion of everyone before they actually show that emotion. When Xos kinnapped Shivo, he was separated from Melora for a while but met up with Adam and Meia.

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45: Vorcoxs: Vorcoxs is "The angel that consumes darkness." He is one of Xos's more unusual soldiers. He is a human that has the power of the angel of darkness, with the ability to absorb darkness and use it as a weapon. Like Phantoro, Vorcoxs has no emotion but he actually pretends to have emotion. Vorcoxs also has a raven so when in battle, he can call it for use in his battle. His past is unknown to everyone. Vorcox is sometimes seen wearing a black jacket and he uses a spikes baseball bat during battle.

46. Killa Porquikon: Her real name is Cierra Porquikin but ever since her entire family was killed by a cult so she decided to go by the name of Killa in order to hide from the cult. She now works with Loca-Moto in order to save people from bandits and other attacks. Despite her young appearence, she is a really expierenced fighter and she always takes the bandits off gaurd with her unpredictable speed.

47. Loca-Moto: Loca-Moto is a veteran samurai that is working with Killa in order to protect people from danger. Don't let his wierd appearence(Red sun glasses and giant green afro) fool you, he takes things very seriously. Loca-Moto has a katana that was designed by Loca himself.

48. "The Reaper Knight of the Sapphire Order" Sir Shaaz Harktrick: Shaaz Harktrick is the loyal bodyguard for Xos. Shaaz was banished from his kingdom for using black magics with the forbidden scythe "Doom Touch" which almost destroyed the entire kingdom. Shaaz ran off with the scythe but Xos went to Shaaz's world and saw the knight in the sapphire blue armor fleeing. Xos went and helped Shaaz by destroying the kingdom that banished him and in return Shaaz became Xos's pearsonal bodyguard. He carries the scythe with him to battle and with Xos's teachings of black magic and how to warp his.

49. Rufio Skirver: Rufio Skirver is a 15 year old teenager who is training to be a mage. He wears a robe which conceals his face and all that is shown is his red eyes. He is really shy around people and only fights when he knows he can do something about it. He lived in the northern mage studio of arts, a temple where young people can become all kinds mages. When Carvon came to the temple by the orders of Xos, Rufio escaped from the fire and death all around him. Scared, injured, and alone, Rufio took shelter in a spot where Loca-Moto and Killa came soon after. He has the strongest magic powers in the game.

50. Kojikoma: Kojikoma is an achient chinese warrior who travels across the realitys defeating the evil that is around that world. He met Timester before Xos betrayed the judges. Kojikoma is one of the more silent fighters in the roster. He has spiked whips in his robes that shoot out of his sleeves in an extremely fast rate. Kojikoma is actually following Xos wherever he goes until the time is right to attack him.

Bosses: here are the bosses you'll encounter in story mode of The Dimensional Crossroads.

1. Doctor Victor Furchack: Victor Furchack was once a doctor gifted with using magic. He was using dark magic like Xos to heal his patients. One day the dark magic backfired on him and he turned into an evil doctor with a dark heart. He now lurks around his office. He uses needles filled with poison and can trap people with a stretcher to electricute them. He can even bite the neck of his enemies. He is extremely fact which is making him hard to hit. His fingers are also needles, which damages you slightly when he grabs you.

2. Gold blood snake: The gold blood snake is a legendary serpent that lives deep inside the abandon town of Vurvin. Only people that have snake genes(like Slacker) can communicate with it. If anyone needs help from the legendary snake, they need to beat it first. It is extremely large and can wrap around its foes instantly killing them and its tail could grab you with the ring like end on its tail. Only a few people have defeated it for help.

3. X.M.S(Xos Mobile system) search droid: The X.M.S. Search droid is a machine that Xos's force uses to search and capture the souls needed to revive vicsor. This one is piloted by a soldier named Mars. There are five search lights on it. One on each side and the other one on top. It also holds machine turrets and can spin around to cut up debree around it.

4. X.M.S Walker: This is a search and capture droid created by Xos's scientists. Is is round and has five appendages to crawl around(the fith one is inside its core). It has a turret on it and the claws on it that are used to have the machine go up mountains can slice up diamonds in less then three seconds. Once it finds its target it won't stop chasing after it until it captures the person or if it is destroyed.

5. X.M.S. prototype Walker: This is the prototype version of its more superior counterpart. The prototype walker is bigger then the regular version and has six appendages but due because of the rust on it, the core can easily be seen and it is extremely slow. This version was scrapped but the scientists forgot to remove the brain chip from its core.

6. Prince Goby the IV: The goblin prince, who formed an alliance with Xos when Xos convinced him about the power he can get. Goby is often cowardly and at times he summons his own goblin horde to do the fighting for him. Goby carries a pitchfork that can shoot fire and boulders at people. What makes Goby tough is that he often stays beyond reach of normal melee characters so you have to use a character with a ranged attack to knock him down.

7. Xos( Dark powered): This is Xos on his floating piece of earth. This form of Xos uses his classic attacks but he has a shield around him that makes him powerful and he uses two new attacks: Fire sky which calls fireballs to fall from the sky and Soul eater, which is easily avoidable but can kill you in one hit.

8. Guardian: The Guardian is one of Xos's body guards for him. The guardian has extremely sharp arms which can cause damage when grabbed and he can throw grenades at you. The Guardian also has a vial of goo which heals him and a mini gun. You gotta hit him on the front, since his back is all damage-proof. Using your ultimates will help you in this fight more then the others.

Movesets: Each fighter has their own moveset which consists of these attacks.-

Attack 1-
Attack 2-
Attack 3-
Range attack(if available)-
Guard(half power)-
Guard(Full power)-
Special 1-
Special 2-
Special 3-
Aerial attack-
Uppercut attack-
slide attack-
Grounded attack-
Jump rate(how many times you can jump, Heavyweights like Eggster, Eruption, and Protonogo can only jump once while giants like Morlock and robo-suit Pusher Brent can't jump at all)-
Moral attack(this attack doesn't damage the opponent but it decreases their moral preventing them from using finishers)
Supers(1/3 Ultimate)-
Ultras(2/3 ultimate)-
Taunt(Increases moral but using it too much will decrease the moral)-

Online mode- Scramble battles: Scramble is an online only fighting mode that lets two players play in a 15 vs 15 battle. You don't know which fighter you'll get in the scramble since all fifteen are random until the actual fight itself. The characters you get is determined by who you unlocked. If you face someone who unlocked a fighter you didn't or the other way around, that fighter won't appear in Scramble until that person unlocks him or if you face against someone who unlocked that fighter. You can record your battle and in the options menu, you can use special effects and upload your video on the internet.

Tension mode: If you are losing a battle during versus mode, arcade mode, or certain parts in story mode, the screen will go in black and white, the game will slow down and the music will be slower. This means you're in tension mode. Hit the corresponding button quickly to land a powerful, unavoidable counter that has a set chance of stunning the enemy. Tension mode isn't available during online battles.

Battle modes: There are a total of five battle modes in versus mode, Single, team, six man, Riot, and survival.

Vs- A simple one on one battle. You can edit the rules and choose the stages.

Team: A two on two battle. You can either choose to switch out(where both fighters have a shared moral meter) or a tag(where you can switch in and out but both fighters have a separate moral meter).

Six man: This is where the fighting gets really intense. It is either a free for all or a three on three battle. Some stages won't allow a six man fight to occur.

Riot: In Riot, the player must defeat everyone on the entire roster to win. Every time he or an opponent defeats someone, a random character will come in until there is only one person left.

Survival: In survival, you face against an endless onslaught on random fighters, each getting stronger each round. Up to two players can team up and fight. You get ranked depending on how many people you defeated and how many rounds you survived by Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Dimensional Diamond. The rankings are shared online.

Create a team: You can create your very own team of fighters. It is either a two man team or a three man team. Once you pcik the amount of people needed for the team then you can name them. For team battles this is a great way to get to the team of fighters you want quicker.

Stages: Here are some of the stages in the Dimensional Crossroads. Each base has objects you can interact with to hurt your enemies.

1. Blood Rush Castle- Tower: Blood Rush Castle is one of Xos's base. The tower was used during the war against Xos and Kurmina. Because of its age, the tower is starting to collapse. Xos knows how to move the castle around which explains why it is never at one spot.

2. Plains: Just a simple plains. The area is 50% water, 50% land which makes ia a basic stage. If the trees are damaged enough, they will break and may fall on nearby fighters. This stage is safe for novices for the Dimensional Crossroads.

3. Cargo Ship: This is the cargo ship where Slacker and Eggster were in and the ship that Eruption was imprisoned in. There are numerous explosives around the place and pipes that leak poisonus gas if broken. There are two versions of this stage, the normal stage and the crashing version of the stage. The crashing version is descending from the sky at an alarming rate and it is on fire and if any fighter is in the fire, it'll burn them.

4. Shay Town ruins- The Shay Town ruins is the town of Shay destroyed after Xos used blew it up. The buildings aren't safely in structure which can fall onto anyone in its path. The abandon cars around the place can blow up if you aren't careful.

5. Blood Rush castle hall: This is the hall of the castle. It is connected to the throne which have antique swords that can fall on players and rubble falling from the ceiling depending on how long the fight is going on for. There is also a golden variety of this stage in which the entire hall and throne room is pure gold which is unlocked after everything else is unlocked, all the medals are earned, and all the challenges are beaten.

6. K-G V2 command ship-outside: This is the ship Xos goes around in searching for the souls needed for Xos's revival. There is a fully functional turret on the side of the ship and like the cargo ship, it has explosives on it. If you fall off the stage, you may be lucky enough to fall into the emergency net. This is one of the larger stages in the game.

7. K-G V2 command ship- Inside: This is the K-G command ship's interior. This area has a ledge to fall into the lower area and it is connected to the cargo of the ship. There are functional saw blades in the cargo.

Done but here are a few things you should consider.

- Slacker,Eggster,Phantro,Lurna, Xos,Vicsor, Timester, Hakuko, Kurajin, and Shinizan won't be removed if I decide to change. They are just to important to me.

- I admit I made their bios terrible but I never got the time to check over so sorry if you hate some of them. I am thinking of dropping Karmus' irish heritage and make him more of a cocky warrior and make Shrokai have stubby legs.

-This game is supposed to have characters from many different dimensions which is why marines like Panch and Henry there while warriors like Karmus and Marco are also with them.

-I am pretty terrible at making names so sorry.

-No flaming me please on this.

Okay you can post now!
If you haven't checked yet I said you can post. Just in case if you didn't read it all.
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Sorry for being impatient but I would like it if someone could review this game idea. It ain't those terrible knock off ideas with bad grammar and numbers on every single letter they post.
I added a poll on it for you people who don't want to post on it.
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I'm willing to look this over, but you posted an awful lot, and any game critiquing tends to be a fairly involved process (plus I'm busy today and tomorrow).


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I admit I made some mistakes on the characters so don't yell at me please if there is something terrible like Karmus' irish heritage(I am thinking of removing it).

I am also the one who wants to add some original new stuff in the fighting game series which is why some stuff may sound a bit strange to add. Just to let you know.


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I'll give you my honest opinion; unless you're producing this yourself as an indy game (which, if you are, then all the power to ya), I wouldn't count on selling this idea. It looks like you've put a ton of thought and detail into the plot, world, and characters, but if this is something you seriously want to bring to a large game developer, you're not going to be able to escape the fact that you're proposing another fighting game in a market that's probably pretty close to its limit in very similar mainstream games. That's not to say it's an inherently bad idea, and like I said before, if you plan on producing this yourself, there's a pretty large underground audience out there for good indy games, but I wouldn't count on this becoming a mainstream reality, if that was your intent.


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I wouldn't mind what kind of game it is to be quite honest. I want to make it a unique fighting game with features other fighting games don't have.