NeW frOm France !


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Hi everybody !

I'm new here and happy to find this forum.
I'm 22, from France (Paris), student.

Currently, I'm workin' on an original concept : the adaptation of the audio book to the new technologies... very interesting !

I'm lookin' for a place I can share ideas about anything, meet nice people and why not talk about the project that I'm working for...


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Hi and welcome to the Fun Factory.

I know that you will find lots of stuff to do, as well as some interesting members to chat with.

So with the intro out of the way...Get to posting. :D
Hello green-lola, welcome to the forum. Are you really from Pairs, or is that just the closest BIG city you're near?


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Who is Izy ?!?
Hi, I'm Izy. c'est moi!

Welcome to GF. Parisian here too, or probably francilienne to be more technically correct. :lol:

I suppose you're staying here for studies. Goodluck!
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Welcome, Lola! I look forward to posting with you; I would love to hear about what it's like in France. I'd also like to hear about the healthcare system in France from your point of view!