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Should they keep the Old Facebook?

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Does anyone else think that the New Facebook is a massive pile of fail? For those of you who have an account, you'll probably notice that you've had the option to test it out for a litle bit before it becomes manditory. I wanted to give it a fair go despite all the nay sayers but I couldn't click with it at all. I think I can learn to deal with almost everything except the fact that they've spliced the minifeed and wall on the profile pages. So instead of having the minifeed saying what the person has been up to and a seperate section to see all the wall posts they are now mixed into one area. You can kind of filter around it but theres no way to make it be just a comment wall or just a mini feed. Thats the one real grievance I have with it.

I've noticed a lot of groups like "Sign the petition against New Facebook", "Keep the Old Facebook" and "New Facebook gave me cancer" (Ok I made that one up) but obviously I'm not alone in my fear of this bold New Facebook. Perhaps if enough of a fuss is made they will allow us to have both like they do right now. However according to the home page soon it's New Facebook or No Facebook so what do you think?
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I havnt seen the new facbook, Im at college at the moment so I cant check it, But I wa son Facebook last night, It didnt seem different


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One time it automatically changed my settings to the "new facebook" after I logged on. I thought I had a virus. Eventually I found the link that takes me to the original format. So this will eventually be mandatory?