New Facebook Look.. again


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Ok... why did they make everything rounded and big looking?

I think it was much better before. I don't use it really at all so I'm sure other people are more annoyed than I am (I'm not really that annoyed).

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Am I right?

Did the change really accomplish anything anyway? Maybe I missed whatever the purpose was. It seems like it was just a layout change in the wall and news feeds.


Sultan of Swat
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I dont like the new look as well, I think the first Facebook was the best ever. But my opinion is this, facebook is free, it gives us a chance to do many things, get in contact with people that we might not of seen in a real long time. So we shouldnt complain on how it looks, instead be happy that we don't have to pay to use it.


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As long as they dont make it impossible to find everything I dont really care how it looks either. If they feel this is an upgrade then all power to them.


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I definitely don't like this as much, it was perfect the way it used to be, there was no need for a change, if they were going to do this then they at least should have added an option to stay with the old style.


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I just want an ability to choose my layout to suit my taste, just like I do here and on most other sites I visit. The new layout moves too fast for me- all this integration makes sure stuff gets lost that I want to see.


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That's why I was talking about Google buying Facebook in that other thread. Regardless of whether or not it is profitable for them, I think the user experience would improve.

Google has always been about innovation and personalizing your experience. Not that they always stick to that principle on all of their services but look at gmail at least. They have skins. iGoogle as well.

Then again if Facebook would just wake up one day and realize that people like to customize things they could achieve this without being bought out. :lol:

The new look is alright I guess but the one they had before that was the best. Really though they need to pick one design look and go with it.


Ms. Malone
I joined the GF fan page then went back to the home page and it had changed! There was no word of warning :/

I don't like it.


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I'm at that stage when I'm wondering whether I should adapt to this new look or just wait for the next new thing. Since I joined facebook last year, four months ago to be exact, this is the third layout I had to get used to.