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New Evidence on 1996 Plane Crash (TWA 800)


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Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800 - CNN.com

This is an interesting story that I just saw in the news. It involves the TWA 800 plane crash that involved the deaths of 230 people.

This documentary maker claims to have concrete evidence that this plane was hit by high powered explosives from the outside. (somebody ran very accurate chemical tests to come to this conclusion).

The official statement regarding the crash stated that there was an electrical short that caught the gas tank and caused the explosion that killed all passengers on board.

Is it possible that this was a terrorist attack?

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I think it is possible that it's a terrorist attack, but I haven't really looked at the evidence for either side, so me saying that is pretty much moot.

I'm curious about your statement about chemical tests. I don't see that anywhere in the link you provided, and it seems unlikely that people would be able to test much chemicals on a wreckage that's been buried at sea for a decade and a half


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I don't know what to make of this. One man that lost his family in that crash said some of the people involved on the project have been involved in conspiracy theories on the internet for the last 15 years.