New England @ Baltimore


A Darker Knight
I didn't even watch it, but I was so disappointed when I read the headlines on

Lucky. yeah, pretty much sums it up. That interception by the Ravens might not have been, but some of the events that happened after are pretty darn lucky. Conspiracy might be too strong of a word though.

so lucky.....:no:


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A conspiracy? Are those Patriot-whiners so lost in their delusions that they're willing to believe it's all one big conspiracy?

The Ravens played like school children. Rough, tough, but sloppy school children. They had the Pats beaten at least three times but dumb penalties and poor communication lost them the game. Giving a guy like Brady a second (third and fourth) chance is something a team should never hope to do.

My personal favorite part of the game is when Little Bitch (since I can't recall his name too well, something Scott) threw the penalty flag. Loser much?
The Ravens fucked themselves. Plain and simple. They beat the Pats on at least three seperate occasions but they fucked themselves. Anyone trying to blame anyone or anything esle is just wrong, sorry to say.

The only horribly questionable thing that I remember was that they called the timeout when the defensive coordinator called it, which isn't allowed by the rules.