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New eBay Layout


Registered Member
I actually like the new layout that eBay is currently using. It just looks more professional, at least that is the way it looks to me.


Registered Member
Messy? Have you seen my room? hahahahhah!
My computer was real wierd about the change at first. It kept bouncing back and forth from the old to the new layout. Anybody else do that?


what? no pink?
yes mine did that. that is why I thought there was something wrong with my browser at first! lol


Registered Member
The reason it kept "bouncing" is because of your computer's cache. Once it got all cleared out nicely, you'd see only the new ones :)


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Julie, your hubby sounds a lot like my hubby! He hates the change, too... heck, he hates ANY change. He still uses the classic windows layout in Windows XP, even though the newer XP layout is more efficient. He says he doesn't like the colors. :p

I like the new eBay layout. I think it's good to change things sometimes, redesign and keep things updated.


Registered Member
I like the new look, too. Did they announce they were making the change, or just surprise everyone? :lol:


Registered Member
I really like the new Ebay layout! I was surprised by it, and thought (also) that my browser had an issue.

I can't put my finger on exactly what I like best... but, it is just more pleasing to the eye. Plus, I don't have to search wildly for the shipping info anymore.

I love it! I'm all for positive change...


Registered Member
It's getting so long between my visits to eBay that I'm never surprised if it looks different. It seems like they're changing the look regularly. When I was visiting daily the changes annoyed me. Now I think it's just me and I'm not bothered. :)