New Diplomatic Solutions for North Korea?


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Now they say that we are pursuing diplomatic solutions to the bad blood between our country and North Korea. Wonders will never cease. I am glad that someone finally talked that idiot to shut up and get someone out there that can solve this issue with more than nuclear threats and bullying!


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My gut reaction was doubtful and skeptical. If the other side is crazy enough to test their nuclear bombs over Japan's coast, I can't bring myself to believe that some peace declarations will stop him. I'm more in line with the countries who are stepping up their defenses, but I do hope that miracles can still happen and the diplomacy succeeds.


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We can't solve the problem. China can, as they are the only ones with any real leverage. We can go to war but that seems idiotic.

They choose not to.


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DT has opened his mouth again to that Korean bully again. For some reason, I was actually hopeful that someone in the WH had finally gotten through to him about that mouth. Oh well, here we go again!


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Sometimes I wish Trump wouldn't say so much but at least he isn't kicking the can down the road like the last two presidents did. Being polite to that idiot in NK didn't work at all and it didn't get much help from China. Now he could probably nuke us and he seems to be helping Iran with their nuclear program. Iranians are there for all the tests.


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The only idiot in this situation is Kim Jong. Why our previous presidents did nothing about this situation except bow down to this mad man is beyond me. I hope Trump doesn't back down and I am proud that he hasn't. Having another country threaten us is not to be taken lightly.


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Maybe DT's obvious stand with Kim Jong will eventually be helpful. We have to get China to stand with us and that might force Korea to back down. Sanctions against Iran are in the works. Let's hope for the best!