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New Day split - how would you book it?


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I'm a huge New Day fan, and personally would be fine if they never break up as a team. However, the way wrestling is booked these days it seems like it may be in the cards. Now, with today's news that they will be the hosts of WresleMania, many people are talking about the split again since - as TJRWrestling.com's John Canton said - this is like creative having nothing for them.

So, if the split does happen, how would you book it? Who would turn heel?

I was thinking on this today. I could see Big E turning heel and getting a really good run after that. However, a part of me would like it to be one of the other two guys. Selfishly as an Xavier Woods fan, I'd pick him. Just like with Seth Rollins and The Shield, I could see this unlocking a lot of potential. Xavier has a lot to offer but has been the hype man for New Day a lot. I'd love to see him stand out on his own. A part of me wouldn't mind Kofi as well, since he has a ton of talent in the ring. He's always needed something to elevate him, and a solo heel turn could do that. Still, if I had to pick, I'd pick Xavier.


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Yeah, we know what Big E & Kofi can do on a good singles run but we have never seen that opportunity for Xavier Woods. And given a lot of heels always assumed that Xavier was the weak link of The New Day - and also how he was instrumental into numerous successful title defenses - , I think this is the only true option left to explore. Let Xavier fall short a few times for The New Day and have him get bitter trying to prove his worth until he finally snaps and talks about how Big E & Kofi were holding back and he's tired of the comedy stuff. Basically, do with him what they originally wanted to do with The New Day being some sort of Nation of Domination reboot but in singles.


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The fact they are only the hosts says something but I'm sure they are still pulling huge merchandise numbers. But I kinda think a split is needed...or be all heels again.

I would kinda like to see heel Kofi and heel Woods on their own and E as the face