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New childbirth device created by a car mechanic


Free Spirit
Staff member
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Jorge Odon is sitting behind a desk in his Buenos Aires home. Wearing a striped shirt and metal-rimmed reading glasses, he gives off a schoolmasterly air as he arranges the papers in front of him.
It’s hard to believe that Odon, age 60, is a car mechanic by trade, used to getting his hands greasy at an auto shop down the road since he was 15. Now he's also the most unlikely inventor of a device with the potential to revolutionize childbirth around the world.

This device could revolutionize childbirth. It was created by a car mechanic | GlobalPost
It seems strange that a auto mechanic could come up with this. However if its easier on the baby and causes less injuries than the standard forceps or ventouse I'm for it. Plus it might offer protection from spreading HIV to the baby which is another plus.

Can't believe this all got started over how to get a cork out of a wine bottle.