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New Chevy Volt


Registered Member
Just saw on the news, the new Chevy Volt can get 93 miles per gallon on electricity and 37 miles per gallon on gasoline.
It looks pretty decent.
Hard to believe we are now in the midst of electric cars!!


Do What Thou Wilt
Honestly? Its hardly fantastic. I think hybrids are one of the dumbest exercises of the automotive market at the moment. They aren't as innovative as the big executives want us to think. They are heavier, but actually not as efficient (I'm talking mechanically, mind you) as a conventional engine. What the industry really needs right now are alternative fuels. Brazil has been running almost completely on Ethanol for years, and that stuff is less than a buck a gallon, and it could be even cheaper up here if we can pump it out within 5, maybe 4 years. I mean, Fiat has just unveiled their 950CC Twin Air engine, that gets 63MPG, and ISNT a hybrid. It is realistically MUCH better than any hybrid. Then theirs hydrogen fuel cells, and heaven forbid, turbo diesels, in conventional cars. All of which can be cheaper, lighter, and realistically more efficient than hybrid technology.

Of course, ATM, Hybrid Technology is just a means to an end to open people up to the idea of, like I said, ethanol, hydrogen, or heaven forbid, turbo diesels, in conventional cars, in the US.

But the Chevy Volt, despite this huge build up of what, 4 years? has failed to deliver groundbreaking stuff. Its nothing a Prius, or heaven forbid, a turbo diesel, can't do. I mean, my uncle's Prius averages 42MPG on gas alone (doing just regular daily driving), and matches the Volt's 97MPG combined electric conventional power.